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From the streets of Birmingham to the hills of L.A. the musical path for T.O.L.D. has been an eventful one reflected in his versatile style.

2 Young by T.O.L.D.

Sea Moya

Sea Moya aptly describe themselves as "a psychedelic beat outfit, emerging from in between the shipping containers of a German Harbour."

Nothing Is Real by Sea Moya


London songwriter D/C (Daniel Caplen) confesses all in new single "Badman" with a husky, soulful vocal and soaring melodies. Not one to miss.

Badman by D/C

Kids of the Apocalypse

Greenland's hip-hop project Kids of the Apocalypse ask "really, what's the purpose?" in surging single "Better Life", complete with animated video.



Breakthrough rapper WILLS aka Will Johnson recently teamed up with director Gordon Voidwell for the impactful video behind "Woes vs. Whoas”.

WILLS - 'Woes vs. Whoas' (Official Video)

Saint Clair

Saint Clair may only have two songs out, namely "Heavy On My Heart" and "Sailing", but those shining examples of soulful pop are all we need.

Sailing by saint clair

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Is PC Music still relevant?

Two years one from the zenith of this post-internet microgenre, guest writer Thomas Konings asks whether PC Music is still relevant or whether it has disappeared back into the depths of the digital world.


Jarbird formed during their time at university, and the now London based band continues to create spiritual, lush soundscapes like "Iona".

Iona by Jarbird


Mafalda's voice immediately strikes an emotive chord, which paired with her dreamy piano-led pop, is an immersive listening experience.

Run by Mafalda

Julia Jacklin

Singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin was going to become social worker until she began compiling folksy songs with one message - Don't Let The Kids Win.

Julia Jacklin - Leadlight (Official Video)


With a name inspired by Studio Ghibli's fabled wolf princess, Liverpool-born Mononoke captures us with delicately and dreamy electro-pop.

Mononoke - Silence For You

Hein Cooper

Hein Cooper gets better with every guitar-led piece of lyric creativity and in his words "everything starts with a guitar and a loop pedal."

Overflow by Hein Cooper


Former Strange Babes bandmember Alex has stepped up to the soloist plate releasing three shimmering alt-pop tunes as BOYBOY.


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