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We unearth the most promising music.

HumanHuman is a tight community of music professionals who discover, discuss and agree on the most promising new artists. Go ahead, have a listen to our latest finds below.

Top 10 most promising music

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In a delicious mix of bluesy vocals and pop ballad blood running through her veins, Londoner Sølv steps up for second track "I'm Your Gun".

I'm Your Gun by Sølv

off bloom

Working with MØ, AlunaGeorge and Two Inch Punch rising Danish trio off bloom further display their strong pop instincts in tracks like "Orchid".

Orchid by off bloom

Jon Waltz

Memphis-based rapper-singer Jon Waltz continues to forge his own path in hip-hop and pop with catchy new single "Riot".

Riot by Jon Waltz


Kwaye's sudden removal of online material and the hint that he's currently recording at Abbey Road is more than enough to pique our interest.


Somewhere on the bridge between electronic and soul music stands Saígo, the Los Angeles singer who recently impressed with "The Other"

SAÍGO - The Other by SAÍGO

Mountain Bird

Stockholm musician-producer Mountain Bird (Adam Öhman) revealed a darker side to Swedish electro-pop with the pulsating "Hearts To Gold".

Mountain Bird - Hearts To Gold (Official Video)

Yuma X

Australian indie-electronic duo Yuma X launched their home recordings project a year ago leading to the music world's collective awe.

You Said by Yuma X


Currently situated in hip Berlin, the Australian quintet Parcels are all about the finer funk things in life, as hear in new track "Myenemy".

Myenemy by Parcels


Surreal electronic outfit Dessert explore simplicity in new track "Back Around", their fifth release since zany debut "You're Welcome".

Back Around by Dessert


Liu Bei band member, Grace Lightman collaborator and one third of LYR, the solo project of P J Pearson is this songwriter at his purest.

Quantum Entanglement by San Felu

Yellow Days

"Your Hand Holding Mine" is a song about naive young love in the mature resonance of emerging UK crooner Yellow Days.

Your Hand Holding Mine by Yellow Days

Glass Gang

At the heart of Brooklyn's indie scene still unsigned band Glass Gang, whose new track "Wild Light" is a Bloc-Party-esque victory dance.

Glass Gang - Wild Light by glass gang


From Italy's changing music scene, Giungla has been challenging our preconceptions of her home country's music with expansive alt-pop tunes.

Wrong by GIUNGLA

Abi Ocia

Good things take time. At least that applies to Abi Ocia's first single "Running" a celestial R&B-tinged hymn that took a year to finish.

Running by Abi Ocia

Leah McFall

Leah McFall turns heads with "Wolf Den", a seriously cool, bouncing electro-pop track with an off-kilter soul vocal at the head of the pack.

Leah McFall - Wolf Den by LeahMcFall

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