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We unearth the most promising music.

HumanHuman is a tight community of music professionals who discover, discuss and agree on the most promising new artists. Go ahead, have a listen to our latest finds below.

Top 10 most promising music

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Tom Tripp

21-year-old multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, singer and producer Tom Tripp elevates the DIY movement with his indie-R&B-electronic demos.

Aurelia (Demo) by Tom Tripp

Kudu Blue

Brighton band Kudu Blue energetically mixes dance, R&B and trip-hop in their bold and vibrant tracks like "Vicinity", "Call Out" and "NGFM".

NGFM by Kudu Blue


After leaving the role of keyboardist in synth-pop band Magic Man, Justin Bowe has branched out on her own as Photocomfort.

Photocomfort - Hit, Run (Official Lyric Video)


From debut "Go On (Let It Go)" we've been hooked on the cinematic pop of Johanan, the Swedish songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

01 Hallelujah by Johanan

Elliott Power

Earlier this year Elliott Power released his affecting debut album, Once Smitten, a dark alt-electro retrospective collected over two years.

Once Smitten by ELLIOTT POWER

Ravyn Lenae

Listening to Ravyn Lenae's debut EP, Moon Shoes, you couldn't possibly guess that this highly skilled songstress is just 16-years-old.

Moon Shoes by ravynlenae

Hanging Valleys

No one sounds quite like Hanging Valleys, the band set up by singer-songwriter Thom Byles who use music to intone nature. You'll probably remember this London-based trio from our first Showcase earlier this year in Antwerp.

T.B.D. by Hanging Valleys

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus (sister of Miley Cyrus) offers up an unexpected gem in soulful pop single "Make Me (Cry)" featuring a duet with Labrinth.

Noah Cyrus - Make Me (Cry) ft. Labrinth


For four years now we've been watching the steady rise of Moats, a young British band whose math-rock noise is sure to thrill.

Moats - Rough


Debuting with "Glass", built around airy electronica and blissful vocals, Luunes are a promising find on the Australian and now world scene.

Glass by Luunes

Lex Low

Known for his self-produced R&B pop love songs, the London-born LA-based artist Lex Low continues to push his creativity with "Drifting".

Drifting by Lex Low


Mesmeric Melbourne songwriter Woodes completed her self-titled EP with "Rise", an atmospheric tune hinting towards her developing prowess.

Rise by Woodes


Brent Faiyaz, Atu and Dpat have come together in smouldering, soulful, alternative R&B vibes as heard in first official track "Too Fast".

Too Fast by Sonder


From Virginia, Reece lends his angelic vocal to rich R&B landscapes to hit heavenly new heights with tracks like "Lost In Translation".

Lost In Translation by REECE

Daniel Woolhouse

Taking leave from Deptford Goth for a project under his own name, Daniel Woolhouse recently released epic album 'What's That Sound?'

Soup For Brains by Daniel Woolhouse

Shy Luv

"Joyrider" marks out Manchester duo Shy Luv as a promising pair on the genre-blending, forward-facing electronic scene right now.

Joyrider by Shy Luv

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