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Women in Music

For our third International Women’s Day we’re back with a new set of contributors to celebrate, challenge and inform on what it means to be a woman in the music industry right now.


Deconstructing Musical Trends for 2017

By deconstructing the musical trends found across HumanHuman discoveries in 2016, we’d like to believe we’re able to predict what will reach the mainstream for 2017. See what you think of these past and future sounds.


2016 In Review

The most notable moments of 2016, including Most Agreed Discovery, Most Trending Feature, Fastest Feature, Quick Riser, Most Discussed Discovery, Most Featured User, Best Newcomer, Feedback Star and Most Read Article.


Most Promising Artists of October

In sync with seasonal changes the world over, our community has cherry-picked artists to suit that transitional feeling, especially Serpentwithfeet, Zoey Lily, Abi Ocia, Yellow Days and Giungla.


Most Promising Artists of September

Throughout September we had some truly striking Promising Discoveries, and no more so than with our top five Promising Discoveries Mallrat, Prep, Nick Murphy, Princess Nokia and Cappa.


A conversation with Matt Maltese

Matt Maltese is our third act lined up for the HumanHuman Showcase on September 2nd in Antwerp. Our conversation traces over the past and brings to like this songwriter in the present day.


A conversation with ROCH

Another artist set to perform at the free HumanHuman Showcase on September 2nd is ROCH, the young London songwriter whose ice-cool guitar arrangements and reflective lyrics leaves a lasting impression.


Cassette Culture

We look into the increasing number of tape releases and how cassette culture could be filling a void in the digital age. With opinions from Tape Club Records, Blues Tapes, Norwegian Blue Records, Island Fox and Get In Her Ears.


HumanHuman Showcase

HumanHuman is proud to announce our very first showcase featuring Hanging Valleys, Matt Maltese and ROCH. On September 2nd we’ll be hosting a celebration of new music in cooperation with Born in Antwerp.


Most Promising Artists of July

July's discoveries were all about low-key, brilliant artists. Groove to indie-rock of Bazart. Drift through Fhin’s liquid electronica. Sink into the dark atmosphere of Faces on TV. Dance in streams of melancholy with Luna Shadows. Or follow Mononoke down the alternative-pop rabbit hole.

Guest piece

Is Go the way forward for SoundCloud?

As yet another streaming service makes a move towards monetization, Alex Treharne (aka Lex Low and HumanHuman user Purple Melon Music) considers what this means for musicians and music fans alike.

Guest piece

Is PC Music still relevant?

Two years one from the zenith of this post-internet microgenre, guest writer Thomas Konings asks whether PC Music is still relevant or whether it has disappeared back into the depths of the digital world.


Playlist: Family Matters

Whether their brothers, sisters, husbands, wives or in-laws, there’s no doubt there’s something special about family bands. We’ve put together a list of some notable familial acts and a playlist for your to browse.


Most Promising Artists of June

Once again, the variety of new-found artists hasn’t failed to disappoint. From the folk-tinged brilliance of Maggie Rogers, the majestic beauty of Skott, to the anthemic vibes of Antwerp’s Felix Pallas, haunting atmospherics from newcomer Joy Crookes, and Leeds producer Kruum’s infectious genre-bending wizardry. There’s bound to be something to take your fancy.


Three Alternative Ways to Support Musicians

Money is a heated topic within the music industry and as more listeners opt-in to streaming services, some may begin to wonder what this means for artists. Here, we explore the profit breakdown behind music sales and some alternative ways to support the acts you love.


Q&A with Seramic

Promising Discovery Seramic has continued to keep his identity hidden in order for his music to speak for itself, but that hasn’t stopped this mysterious artist from answering our questions.


A conversation with The Big Moon

Over the past year London noisemakers The Big Moon have released outstanding singles, built a loyal following and gained a reputation for raucous live shows. Here we speak to the band’s founder and frontwoman Juliette Jackson.


A conversation with Declan Mckenna

Declan Mckenna became a Promising Artist a year ago following Crack in the Road’s discovery and his mark-making debut “Brazil”. His third music video, “Bethlehem”, is out today and so we wanted to share our time with this talented songwriter.


A conversation with Dagny

Dagny became a Promising Discovery off the back of one track, the energetic pop smash “Backbeat”. In the run up to her debut EP, we get to know Norway’s fastest rising star a little better.


Most Promising Artists of May

Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but we only label a few as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below are the top f...


A conversation with Toothless

We took the opportunity to interview Toothless, aka former Bombay Bicycle Club bass player Ed Nash, about his first solo project, the meaning behind his name and what’s next.


HumanHuman meets Alex Rogers

As one of our newer influencers, we wanted to get to know radio all-rounder Alex Rogers, who feeds a passion for new music into his roles at BBC Introducing Kent, Roundhouse Radio and BBC Radio.


HumanHuman meets Stephen Archibald

You might be familiar with Stephen Archibald from his guest article Spotlight on Scotland’s Emerging Artists, and so you’ll know that this blogger and founder of Jumping the Shark PR knows an awful lot about new music.


HumanHuman meets Daisy Digital

For our second “HumanHuman meets…” interview series with some of our most influential users, we’re kicking things off with self-proclaimed multi-tasker Hannah Braid, AKA Daisy Digital.

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