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Dot to Dot: Stand Together

New music festival Dot to Dot will go ahead as planned in Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol this weekend, because as they say, “We can’t forget what’s happened, but we don’t want to let fear and hate stop us.” And so, we’d like to recommend our favourite artists and bands to go see in this act of solidarity and love.


20 Under 20

We select twenty of the most promising artists and bands who happen to be under the age of twenty and at the cusp of blossoming careers in music.


Women in Music

For our third International Women’s Day we’re back with a new set of contributors to celebrate, challenge and inform on what it means to be a woman in the music industry right now.


Deconstructing Musical Trends for 2017

By deconstructing the musical trends found across HumanHuman discoveries in 2016, we’d like to believe we’re able to predict what will reach the mainstream for 2017. See what you think of these past and future sounds.


2016 In Review

The most notable moments of 2016, including Most Agreed Discovery, Most Trending Feature, Fastest Feature, Quick Riser, Most Discussed Discovery, Most Featured User, Best Newcomer, Feedback Star and Most Read Article.

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