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Julia Jacklin

H.E.T and 23 other users successfully predicted 2 years ago that Julia Jacklin would become popular.

H.E.T wrote 2 years ago

Julia Jacklin is an Aussie singer-songwriter who makes beautifully sincere folk songs. "Wallow" is my favourite: soundcloud.com/julia-jacklin/wallow

Thought I'd add a discovery for Australia Day ;)

Senne wrote 2 years ago

Pool Party is an absolutely lovely song

H.E.T wrote 2 years ago

Get to know Julia Jacklin w/ Triple J:

Get to know... Julia Jacklin by triple j Unearthed

Senne wrote 2 years ago


Eagerly waiting for her second single to drop...

H.E.T wrote 2 years ago

90% - come on!!

Finally! (for the 100% and new single)

Nothing playing