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Leon Bridges

Blubb Blubb and 37 other users successfully predicted 3 years ago that Leon Bridges would become popular.

Oh man was going to add when Cyril Hahn posted him, beat me by 5 mins ahha

He has stolen a time machine

Senne wrote 3 years ago


Senne wrote 3 years ago

The fact that this is produced by two members of White Denim only makes it better.

I spent Friday night listening to Sam Cooke after having his (Bridges) two tracks on loop. :p Can't say any other artist has had me yearning for Cooke's back catalogue.

Some live stuff I found:

"My Love Stays":

Leon Bridges "My Love Stays"

"Lisa Sawyer":

Leon Bridges - Lisa Sawyer | Sofar Dallas - Fort Worth

he's going to be a massive touring act. suspect Sam Smith-size by 2015's end.

@Going Solo: his manager's twin brother is the VP of A&R at Columbia, so that's kind of adorable

Senne wrote 3 years ago

@Missy: how come you know?

Still only at 5k, five agrees away from being the most on HH.

ana wrote 3 years ago

Here goes one more agree :)

New remastered version of 'Coming Home' out via Columbia tomorrow & streaming just now on NPR.

A fav from the album, 'River' -

Leon Bridges - River | A Take Away Show

Heard him on BBC R2 this morning, album of the week.

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