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Jolyon Checkettsand 11 other users successfully predicted 2 years ago that Pinegrove would become popular.

they definitely deserve a feature :) "Cardinal" is such an exciting and emotional record

I second that

I just listened to "Cadmium" for the first time and now I'm totally on board! I need to listen to the album soon.

Everyone should watch that acoustic session! Can't believe they don't have more agrees… Come on people. :-)

The album "Cardinal" is pretty darn good.

BrooklynVegan Acoustic Sessions: Pinegrove - Waveform

Definitely in my top 5 of best concerts I've seen at SXSW this year.

Yes Senne! I mean, they haven't ventured to the UK yet, but they're already booked for Bestival this year, so a UK tour is no doubt in the works. Definitely favourite album of the year so far. Lyrics are so brilliant.

Agreed! I absolutely love the album. The standout track for me and one I never tire of hearing is "Size of the Moon", such original lyrics and emotive vocals.

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