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115th Best discoverer all-time

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  • indie
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AllSparks commented on Khalil

7 days ago

Surprised to see so few agrees, this track is 🔥

Rest My Head Against A Wall Of Water

AllSparks commented on SKYGGE

13 days ago

SKYGGE is the transaltion of a scientific project to a pop-music album.
SKYGGE is the intersection between creative AI & human artists.

SKYGGE is the collaborationBenoit Carré, composer, author and producer, and François Pachet, director of the Flow-Machines project, and many big artists (Kiesza, Stromae etc.)

For more info on SKYGGE: helloworldalbum.net/about-bio-skygge
For more info on Flow Machines: flow-machines.com

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