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Flying Cat discovered Ozoyo

8 months ago


agreed 8 months ago

Without a plan Ozoyo started his adventure.
Before he started, he packed his beats and hopped on the train, without knowing where the way is leading him.
Ozoyo takes you on a journey, where you will meet his pals Pierre von Helden, Apartment102 and Wun Two (ozoyo.bandcamp.com/album/wanderlust)

chiosfruits by ozoyo

morning in the forest by ozoyo

where to go (feat. wun two) VINYL OUT NOW! by ozoyo

Flying Cat commented on Jojo Abot

9 months ago

Creating across continents and dividing her time between Accra, Copenhagen and New York City, JOJO Abot's emergence onto the global music scene marks the genesis of an exciting new talent and sound.
Presenting the best of multiple worlds, JOJO Abot's music is truly a cultural and musical sonic fusion, a perfect and growing melting pot...

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