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Sodwee discovered Tim Maiden

20 days ago

Tim Maiden

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Blending R&B melodies with lush soundscape’s; Tim Maiden’s soulful vocals will captivate listeners instantly as evident by his upcoming first single "Old Ways."
Follow his musical journey as it unfolds...

Tim Maiden

All the way from New York, in the US of A. Singer/songwriter Tim Maiden strikes gold with his clean cut, sharp and to the point first single taken from his forthcoming five-track EP titled “Blood, Sex, & Tears” which he’s due to release later this year… Listen to single "Old Ways" in our introducing piece here: sodwee.com/blog/2017/07/introducing-tim-maiden

Sodwee discovered Bedstudy

a month ago


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5 friends from central florida that now live in Brooklyn. Ranson (Drums) has toured opening for Jiimmy Eat World and performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. David (Production) is a grammy nominated producer whose work has been featured in Pitchfork, Stereogum, Rolling Stone, HBO's Girls Season 5, and more. Peter (Vocals) is a songwriter and artist who has worked with Consequence and other influential artists. Christina (Vocals & Production) is just starting her music career. John Paul (Keys) has toured around the country with different acts, most recently with The Undercover Dream Lovers.

Ø (Arms Away) by bedstudy

Sodwee commented on Haiku Hands

a month ago

OOOuuh oui ouh lalala zis ize very very goud.

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