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Wolf in a Suit


Wolf in a Suit is a fun music blog dedicated to showcasing indie music specially in the pop, rock folk and alternative genre (but we do showcase other genres as well or the variations of the ones mentioned). The aim of the blog is to always put the music first.

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  • Wolf in a Suit provided 315 words or 0.9 pages of feedback so far.



Purveyors of Street-Credibility in the music industry since 2006. Based in Paris. Half French, Half British.

  • €6.5
  • Top feedback giver



A Swedish based music blog that cuts the crap and focuses on the important things such as tracks, mixes and videos. We're also a digital record label with over 30 releases under our belt.

  • €5
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We Plug Good Music


An innovation born out of a passion for new and emerging music, we aim to provide a platform to rival mainstream media and revolutionise the publication and curation of good music. We have now expanded beyond the sharing of emerging music into a wider array of music from all across the world.

  • €7.5
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Going Solo


The first Italy-based music blog that actually cares about new music.

  • €5
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Jon Vilardi


Contributor for HighClouds, Sodwee, EARMILK, & Nation of Billions. My existence is spent finding the next song that I need to tell everyone I've ever met about. But, they won't listen, so I blog.

  • €4
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HighClouds, Music Junkies’ Holy Bible. We run a music blog that has became a real multimedia platform. Our main focus is reviewing materials (album, EP, video, tracks) from new up and coming artists. We also cover the releases of established ones.

  • €7.5
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Obscure Sound


Obscure Sound is an independent music blog formed in February 2006 by Mike Mineo. It has been featured or mentioned in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Toronto Star, The Guardian (UK), The Independent, The Observer (UK), Wired, BBC Radio 1, Stereogum, New York Magazine, and VH1’s Best Week Ever.

  • €10

Dan Cox


I'm a UK based music producer and mix engineer of over 10 years experience, and co-owner/operator of Urchin Studios, a recording studio based in East London.

  • €3

Free Bike Valet


Free Bike Valet is a California-focused music blog. Founder Dan Frazier is an entertainment journalist who has written for Entertainment Weekly, SPIN, NYLON, Paste, Alternative Press, BlackBook, and Flaunt among others.

  • €7
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We are a music blog based out of upstate NY with a propensity for writing about songs close to home, but we also with a keen ear for what's around the corner on the national level.

  • €2
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We are dedicated to underground electronic music: house, progressive, techno, deep house, minimal. We do not look for just any music or anyone, we are looking for music & people who create memorable music that inspires and invokes emotion, rather than be disposable chart topping hits and mixes.

  • €5



We use artful media to establish a creative platform from which individual art and thinking communities can spawn opportunities for cultural growth. -- That means we'd love to share your talent with everyone!

  • €2.5
  • Top feedback giver

EUPHORIA. Magazine


EUPHORIA. is a free, quarterly, independently-owned music and culture publication, available in print and online. Our mission is to introduce and highlight up-and-coming artists and showcase their, undiscovered, talents. EUPHORIA. Magazine is a destination for all things music.

  • €5.5
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I like music, especially electronic music. This channel is dedicated to progressive house, chill trap, melodic dubstep, future bass, indie dance, and the chiller side of EDM! Business contact - wavemusicyt@gmail.com Artist manager for Anki and Vhana.

  • €4

music is art


the mission of musicisart is to show how passion creates feeling and to share on the meaning. old and new intelligent selections always inspire, and will forever include uncensored thoughts, music expressions, intense details to prove sincere and grateful appreciation.

  • €5

Mytacism Music


We're a UK based music blog, mainly focusing on all types of indie - be it indie rock or indie pop we're there. We've been around for just over 2 years now and our team is starting to expand meaning we're desperate to cover as much as we can!

  • €3
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A&R and Manager at Double Denim/Red Light. Former Pitchfork writer.

  • €10
  • Top feedback giver

Joseph Noctum


Currently I am part owner and editor in chief of Waxhole, a hypem tracked blog. I also am a artist manager. Through out the music industry I have helped many artists by working through as Marketing, PR, Booking and other aspects. I have an ear for trends and where the market is headed.

  • €5



Your friendly content editor here at HumanHuman. I also do press things over at Colony PR. And new music writer at The Most Radicalist.

  • €7.26
  • Top feedback giver

Camels & Lions


Music blogger & curator, based in Hamburg. Sharing and discovering the best new music everyday. twitter.com/camelsandlions soundcloud.com/camelsandlions

  • €8.35
  • Top feedback giver

Mike Doose


Music publicist at Cut Above PR, music blogger at Tune Fries. Also artist manager, event coordinator, and social media / digital marketing specialist. Born and raised in Chicago, currently residing in LA. Music all day every day.

  • €1
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Put the music of fresh, raw and unrivaled​ talents at fingertips of fans worldwide and ultimately shake up things in the recording industry.

  • €10
  • Top feedback giver

Secret Shores


Secret Shores is an incorporated Canadian music blog, tastemaker brand, artist management boutique, record label... and cultural movement. DETAILED FEEDBACK CAMPAIGN SPECIALIST: Want honest, genuine, thoughtful, and actionable critiques and feedback? Look no further - we've got you covered.

  • €5
  • Top feedback giver

Matthew Kent


Freelance music person based in the UK. Looking for a more permanent job. Writing for The Line Of Best Fit, When The Gramophone Rings & HumanHuman. Events promotion/booking/digital at New Shapes London. PR/Artists services at vwls. emailmtthw@gmail.com

  • €8.6
  • Top feedback giver

Tiffany Devos


24 | ask me about music, concerts, television and food | behind the scenes and editing @ belgian music website indiestyle.be | workin' gal @ Sony Music Belgium | music blogger @ tiffanyiswildfox.tumblr.com

  • €7.44
  • Top feedback giver



rBeatz was founded as a blog to celebrate electronic music from all over the world. With a blog team and collaborative mindset, rBeatz has an artistic focus on combining the different musical influences from around the world to create an international music forum.

  • €5

Salvatore Perri


APOLIDE Festival Artistic Director and Head of Program. Founder and CEO at Dunter Agency.

  • €5



Work at Vevo / Love new music, my cat Miley, motorsport and finger food

  • €1.5

The Beatforest


Looking for beats that transcend the static of music radio? A space that delivers daily music that's researched, written, and shared by a collective of top-quality writers with a focus on unsigned artists? Look no further because you've stumbled upon The Beatforest Music Blog!

  • €3



A genrefull music and humane culture blog online since 2008. Based in Greece. Half Aussie too.

  • €4


Some clouds are bigger than others...

  • €7.89
  • Top feedback giver

Jenna Jarrett


Hi I'm Jenna, a music publicist, music lover, radio presenter and sometimes music journalist, having written for MTV, MOBO Awards and Pardon My Blog (part of vice network) previously. I'm open to hearing a varying range of genres so holla

  • €3

Nick Hansen

A&R at Good Soldier Songs

  • €1.9
  • Top feedback giver



a diversified swiss music blog to cover all kinds of better contemporary pop music.

  • €8
  • Top feedback giver

Purple Melon


A new music blog dedicated to noticing the independent artists who slip through the cracks. Started by @lexlowmusic and @eddyatlantis.

  • €5
  • Top feedback giver



I've got a heart that pounds like a stereo and beats to the rhythms which fill my soul! Music is life's heartbeat! LA-based music blogger/Sharer of Good Music! Focusing on the new & unheard.

  • €9.2
  • Top feedback giver

Somewhere Soul


We're purveyors of jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop and all that other smooth stuff. We select tracks of the week, write live music reviews and are in the process of setting up our own live music events.

  • €5



StandardFresh.com - Is A Hip-Hop & Sneaker online magazine based in the United States. Currently only reviewing/leaving feedback for Rap/Hip-Hop music. We want to give you honest feedback that doesn't leave you broke.

  • €2
  • Top feedback giver

Emily Reily


I freelance for Noisey, Paste, and San Diego Reader, and a features writer for a NH paper. I love punk, art-punk, rock, metal, funk, R&B, hip-hop, electronica, DIY, 80s-90s alt, blues, and all shades in between. I tweet at @Radiobites. My work is at https://emilyreily.contently.com/

  • €3
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Genre Confused


Genre Confused is run by Emily and Ollie who are musicians that now work in the music business. Genre Confused is all about giving honest feedback and supporting great artists.

  • €7

Marc Liebe (SoULuvMuziq)


Artist manager (since 2015) // music consultant (since 2011) // record label co-owner (NDYD Records (2014 - 2016) / SoULuvMuziq (since late 2016)) // music journalist (2004 - 2015) // DJ & promoter (2002 - 2016)

  • €4
  • Top feedback giver

Riggy Stardust

Does A&R at a few labels. Australian born, LDN based

  • €3.64



writer at EARMILK marketing at bitbird manager for Zuma. and Lenis

  • €3.2
  • Top feedback giver

Icons Creating Evil Art


ICEA is a boutique music label and publisher with the intention of evoking feelings and reactions, we want to provoke, inspire, create, destroy, and disrupt old structures while having fun doing so. We sign and develop new talent from the ever evolving field of pop music.

  • €1
  • Top feedback giver

Yasmina Bee

Music Digger, A&R and Booker for Treehouse Vibes

  • €3

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