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dearskye commented on A Blaze of Feather

3 months ago

apparently ben howard/mickey smith's new proj. def sounds like ben on the vocals, but not sure

dearskye commented on Ansel Elgort

a year ago

definitely going to be big, he's already a celebrity > built in fanbase
but pleasantly surprised how good this track is.

dearskye commented on Maggie Rogers

a year ago

Oh my god, whatever she played to Pharrell - what is that blessed sound.

dearskye commented on Madi

a year ago

Really liking her new track:

lotus by Madi

@musicthatwelike, I added her a month prior to your add under her old name. Would it be alright to transfer the artist/agrees to me?

dearskye commented on Vanessa Elisha

a year ago

She was also featured on this track, not that it has many listens, but I found it delightful:

Down (ft. Vanessa Elisha) by AndreaLo

Nothing playing