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16thBest discoverer all-time

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Latest promising artists

Senne commented on Frances Rose

9 days ago

Seems like the new standard for creating buzz these days :-)

Senne commented on Beija Flo

12 days ago

Happy to see you back, BIRP! And oh my, what a return. 👌

Senne commented on Boniface

16 days ago

I got to agree. The song is so overwhelming with all its different facets. Unlike anything else out there in the pop spectrum!

Senne commented on Tsar B

19 days ago

She's still raking in the agrees 🏆

Senne commented on Choker

2 months ago

At first, I was really liking this. But the more I listen to it, I can't ignore the fact that it's just too similar to Frank Ocean. Just listen to Tape: Side B. It's as if he's doing a silly impersonation: the way he raps and sings, the subtle moaning and yells in between, the vocal harmonies, the noise at the end, the song structure in general with its sudden switches.

Tape: Side B by Choker

Senne commented on People Like You

2 months ago

Clearly influenced by math rock, so I would certainly dig this song even if it was instrumental. But the vocals on top make it just 👌

Senne commented on Freazy

2 months ago

Good vocals, good song and good band altogether. They need some proper branding though. And a better picture!

✔️ Agree

Senne commented on Mauwe

2 months ago

Whoa, strong agrees on this one. What's it all about?

Senne commented on The F E V E R

2 months ago

I wouldn't consider myself a fan, but what an awesome way to announce a new project!

Senne commented on Parcels

2 months ago

FYI, Last.fm thinks they're named “The Parcels”, hence the low number of listeners.

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