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16th Best discoverer all-time

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  • 230pts Discoveries
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Latest promising artists

Senne commented on Pole Siblings

5 days ago

New music coming soon and it's wonderful. Almost five years after they've been labeled as promising, a time when an artist only needed 4 agrees to get to the homepage. :-)

Senne commented on Robbing Millions

13 days ago

Nice to see they're getting some fresh agrees. Their latest single In the No Air is getting serious radio airplay here in Belgium.

Senne commented on New Mystics

13 days ago

Oh, can't wait! I only heard Sparrows so far and I'm already blown away by it. Do you know when the album is due? How come you have early access?

Senne commented on junior a

14 days ago

@Jon, are you from the Baltics?

Senne commented on Lex Low

2 months ago

100%! Someone will be happy :-)

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