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Latest promising artists

Senne commented on Bent Denim

2 hours ago

It's been too long since we heard from Bent Denim, but finally they're sharing a new track with us: Miss You, Kid. Their sophomore album named Diamond Jubilee will be self released in April.

Miss You, Kid by bentdenim

Senne commented on Eddie Prové

5 days ago

One day later: the song is made embeddable! :-)

Senne commented on Eddie Prové

6 days ago

Why on earth would an artist choose not to allow people to embed a SoundCloud track… I get it for exclusives, but that doesn't seem the case here. Comments are also disabled. 😑 File this next to 30s previews.

Senne commented on low fem

9 days ago

Very cool find, Hans. I think it needs some more time to develop to a full-fledged act, but nonetheless worth keeping an eye on. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of labels willing to help this guy grow a career. Artistically and commercially.

Senne commented on Pilgrims

15 days ago

Undo your agrees people! ✌️

Senne commented on Hadleigh Wild

17 days ago

Hadleigh Wild is clearly off to a good start, hinting to a promising career with soulful debut track Heavy Water.

Senne commented on Weslee

18 days ago

Gassed is currently the “Hottest Record in the World” on BBC Radio 1.

Gassed (OFFICIAL AUDIO) by weslee

Senne commented on Life is Better Blonde

21 days ago

This one was first and it's also the correct one. The one you've added has a hidden character at the end which obviously you can't see, but is displayed in the URL as %E2%80%8B. It is sometimes added when you copy / paste a link from an other website or application. That also explains why your discovery has 0 listeners.

Senne commented on Yula kasp

24 days ago

Hola Bert! It's been a long time. ;)

Senne commented on The Trp

a month ago

Loving this. So refreshing…

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