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17th Best discoverer all-time

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Latest promising artists

Senne commented on Girls' Night Out

25 days ago

I like this. The twisted vocals make it stand out, if you ask me.

Senne commented on Bent Denim

a month ago

It's been too long since we heard from Bent Denim, but finally they're sharing a new track with us: Miss You, Kid. Their sophomore album named Diamond Jubilee will be self released in April.

Miss You, Kid by bentdenim

Senne commented on Eddie Prové

a month ago

One day later: the song is made embeddable! :-)

Senne commented on Eddie Prové

a month ago

Why on earth would an artist choose not to allow people to embed a SoundCloud track… I get it for exclusives, but that doesn't seem the case here. Comments are also disabled. 😑 File this next to 30s previews.

Senne commented on low fem

a month ago

Very cool find, Hans. I think it needs some more time to develop to a full-fledged act, but nonetheless worth keeping an eye on. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of labels willing to help this guy grow a career. Artistically and commercially.

Senne commented on Pilgrims

a month ago

Undo your agrees people! ✌️

Senne commented on Weslee

2 months ago

Gassed is currently the “Hottest Record in the World” on BBC Radio 1.

Gassed (OFFICIAL AUDIO) by weslee

Senne commented on Life is Better Blonde

2 months ago

This one was first and it's also the correct one. The one you've added has a hidden character at the end which obviously you can't see, but is displayed in the URL as %E2%80%8B. It is sometimes added when you copy / paste a link from an other website or application. That also explains why your discovery has 0 listeners.

Senne commented on Yula kasp

2 months ago

Hola Bert! It's been a long time. ;)

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