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16th Best discoverer all-time

  • 284pts Influence
  • 231pts Discoveries
  • 254pts Agrees
  • indie
  • folk
  • electronic
  • pop
  • rock

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Latest promising artists

Senne commented on LPX

a month ago

That was fast

Senne commented on Vagabon

a month ago

So glad she made it to the homepage!

Senne commented on Pole Siblings

a month ago

New music coming soon and it's wonderful. Almost five years after they've been labeled as promising, a time when an artist only needed 4 agrees to get to the homepage. :-)

Senne commented on Robbing Millions

2 months ago

Nice to see they're getting some fresh agrees. Their latest single In the No Air is getting serious radio airplay here in Belgium.

Senne commented on New Mystics

2 months ago

Oh, can't wait! I only heard Sparrows so far and I'm already blown away by it. Do you know when the album is due? How come you have early access?

Senne commented on junior a

2 months ago

@Jon, are you from the Baltics?

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