A new chapter

An announcement by Senne

Four years ago, HumanHuman was a music blog much like any other music blog. I wrote about bands that I had discovered and my readers seemed to enjoy it. But I also wanted to keep track of the popularity of those bands, just to prove that I discovered them so early. Soon I decided to open up the website, so everyone could sign up and add their own discoveries. It didn’t take long for the website to become the influential platform we know now.

Lord Huron, the first discovery on HumanHuman ever.

Today, I’m delighted to announce that this one-man project has become a fully-fledged company. This wouldn’t be possible without the help from the great Lyor Cohen and I’m so proud to have him on board. In the coming months, myself and a team of amazing people will be hard at work to bring you a totally revamped website, plus much more.

We will be focussing on better technology, will gradually announce some thrilling new features and of course, we will keep making great content, like our interviews, long-reads and partnerships. We also hope that the community will continue to grow, resulting in more promising discoveries and interesting new discussions.

This is the beginning of a new chapter for HumanHuman. And it’s going to be exciting!


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This article is written by Senne Van Den Bogaert and was published 5 years ago.

Senne is the founder and CEO of HumanHuman.

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