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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a few are featured. These promising artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below are the very best of last month’s features, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

January was a bumper month for features at HumanHuman, with 17 successful discoveries and a whole lot of variety to show off the truly diverse nature of our community’s talent-spotting taste. Get to know the top five features right here.

Jorja Smith

22 agrees

This new discovery jumped up to the top of our features this month after being discovered by just 9 days ago and currently chalks up a very telling 22 agrees. If you were wondering what had our users so bewitched, well you absolutely need to get familiar with Jorja Smith’s first and only single “Blue Lights”. The 18-year-old newcomer deftly weaves elements of jazz, soul, R&B and old school hip-hop thanks to the scratching disc sounds from DJ Complexion; this blend creates an atmosphere which discoverer describes as “immersive” and “gorgeous”. It’s not only the production that draws the listener in, it’s also Smith’s talent for storytelling. Each verse of “Blue Lights” builds a clearer picture of what it’s like to grow up with guns, drugs and violence as an everyday reality - as “subconscious waves you accept” as this young songwriter poetically puts across with her textured voice. There’s plenty to love about this debut, and it’s a promising start for this British artist.


21 agrees

We fell for Chicago folk-rockers Whitney 5 months after Jonathan Chin made this brilliant discovery, and much of that was thanks to their heartbreak serenade “No Woman” which came in celebration of their signing to Secretly Canadian. This band of merry men fronted by guitarist Max Kakacek and drummer/lead singer Julien Ehrlich who gave The NME the scoop on this hit single’s writing process:

‘No Woman’ started to take shape when I woke up on a friends floor one morning. He was taking a shower and the chorus popped into my head while I was grabbing my stuff to go home. Later on Max and I sat down and wrote the chords and song structure in our apartment. The song is about losing the love of your life and being thrown into an aimless journey because of it. It's one of the heavier cuts on our album.
Whitney on NME

With that tantalizing hint of what’s to come, we already have high expectations for a band whose fan base has grown from 1.5k to 3.5k just in the last two weeks. “No Woman” is now accompanied by a laid-back, grass-roots feel music video which only makes Whitney more appealing.


20 agrees

When our current most influential discoverer Senne first came across this band 2 years ago, there wasn’t all that much to hint towards what kind of music this New York trio would be dishing out. Back then, the Quarterbacks might not have had much material (other than two short singles released via Double Whammy), but that didn’t deter this discoverer who said, “My guts tell me that more good stuff is coming from these guys.” Well, Senne’s prediction was right as a year later this alt-rock find released a stunning self-titled LP via Team Love Records and since then support for Quarterbacks has continued to grow. For those of you yet to acquaint yourself with their modern punk sound, the comments from our users provide rather convincing reasons why you should, like Going Solo who touts that “Dean is a great songwriter in my opinion” and Thomas Konings glowing reference “'Quarterbacks' is one of my favorite records of the year.”

The Hour

22 agrees

Let’s just take a minute to appreciate a world where artists still pull off old school promotional tactics like putting their phone number online and asking fans to text them, and it’s even better when they actually reply! That’s the case with entirely anonymous outfit The Hour who recently shared their debut track “No One’s Going To Heaven” via a premiere with BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac. Not only are their contacts to be admired, but so too is the single described by Disco Naïveté as “rock music for pop lovers” and Sodwee as “future R&B”. As if straddling genres wasn’t enough for these mysterious music-makers, they also command our attention with a highly dramatic music video in which the masked characters may or may not be The Hour. Discovered by The Indie Curator and featured just two days later, this unexpected entrance into the limelight reminds us of Jungle’s sudden appearance back in 2014, and only time will tell if 2016’s contenders with continue to deliver.

Isaac Gracie

19 agrees

This is just about the most unanticipated feature we’ve ever seen at HumanHuman and that’s because Isaac Gracie - discovered by Niels Bruwier 5 months ago - has so far only released one song, and that was half a year ago. Although the timing might be a little unusual, this feature certainly doesn’t look out of place on HumanHuman and that’s because Gracie’s debut “Last Words” is simply dazzling. The raw, lo-fi recording of a heartfelt acoustic narrative seems to be striking the same chord with most listeners - and that’s authenticity. It was even picked up by Zane Lowe as his World Records for Beats 1. We’re still waiting on that sure-to-be-treasured sophomore single, but this 21-year-old musician has been perfecting his craft at London venues and planning his next move with Chess Club Records. Most definitely one to watch.

This article is written by Hannah Thacker and was published 5 years ago.

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