A conversation with Arlo

One year ago, Daisy Digital discovered Arlo, an emerging British songwriter and musician. Since then the Londoner has racked up over half a million Spotify streams, garnering significant critical praise and blog support. His debut single ‘Ivory’ was a clear indication of the sound he intended to build upon; expansive alt-pop with a clear focus on anthemic vocal melodies. We had a chat with Arlo about his new single ‘Settle’, developing his sound with Lostboy and being a British artist.

Hey Arlo, thanks for talking to us. How's 2018 been treating you so far?

2018 has been great. I’m really happy with the way the year has started. I actually can’t believe it’s April already.

Could you tell the HumanHuman community something that they otherwise wouldn't find out about you?

Hmmm. I have a twin brother. He sometimes fills in for me when I’m ill. Haha I’m joking. I do have a twin brother we’re un-identical and very different.

How did you end up getting into music?

I met a producer called Steve Booker (Duffy and John Newman) while I was studying at University. He encouraged me to take music more seriously and write my own songs.

Were you aware that you wanted to write your own songs from early on?

Yes. It was definitely a process. I didn’t think I could sing other people songs. I wanted to tell my stories and share my own words. So I knew I had to write my own songs.

You have a pretty unique sound, how did you land on it?

I’ve always wanted a big stadium filling kind of sound. I knew I wanted it to be drum heavy and very percussive. I worked on the sound for a long time. I have to really shout out Lostboy and Peter Roberts as it definitely was a shared vision.

Are there particular influences that stand out?

I love Adele and Amy Winehouse so I knew early on I wanted the music to be honest and heartfelt. I love Tears for Fears and Terence Trent D’Arby so I want to have that sonic space in between the records. I love Kanye and Florence and the Machine. I’m a really big Coldplay fan.

Do you feel like being British influences your music, and how it comes out?

It definitely does. London is such a multicultural city and you’re exposed to so much different music. I’m proud to be a British Artist.

What does your new single Settle draw upon?

Settle is a song I thought everyone could probably relate too. It’s really honest and raw. It’s actually difficult for me to listen back to it sometimes because it was such a personal song.

How did it evolve in the studio?

I spent the day with Lostboy. Him behind the Piano and me shouting lyrics behind his head. It was a really organic moment for the both us. We’re good friends already but I think the song made us better friends. I think we understand a little bit more of each other that day.

Did you anticipate the kind of success you've been having across streaming platforms?

The response to the music has been amazing. I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting these songs. It really does mean the world to me.

What are you looking forward to as we enter the second half of the year?

I’m releasing my first ever EP later on this year. So I’m really looking forward to it. Kanye’s new album. I’m praying Adele will release a new album. The Spice Girls reunion lol. New season of Game of Thrones.

What should fans keep an eye out for?

New music and more live shows.

This article is written by Lex Low and was published 3 years ago.

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