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One of the best emerging bands in Italy

Right at the start of December, Italian electronic-pop band Klune became a Promising Discovery here at HumanHuman, sparked by the released of their dance-tinged track “Nocturnal”. It’s been three years since the Padovan trio came together, and through that time Klune have gone through transitions in their search for perfectionist pop music.

“Nocturnal”, Klune’s newest track and the one that sparked their feature as a Promising Discovery.

As they explain in the interview, “Nocturnal” itself was rendered in four or five different versions before they settled on the one that was just so.

Up to now, Klune have received agrees from fourteen of our new music enthusiasts following their discovery by the Belgium-via-Italy based user Rob Medico, aka AllSparks, who clearly wanted to spread the word of this homegrown talent via our international community. That ever-growing Italian music scene is also very present in the minds of Klune’s band members who give a special shout out to fellow Promising Discovery Lyves. They’ve also been highlighted by one of our top users, Sodwee, who introduces the band as the ideal accompaniment for wintry commutes home.

On the cusp of their rise to Promising Discovery, we wanted to ask Klune a little bit more about their thoughts on pop, Italy’s music scene, their influences and their debut album, slated for release in the new year.

Hello Giovanni, Alberto and Guilo, how did you three first get together and decided to form a band?

Hello HumanHuman. Klune was born during 2014. Giulio introduced Alberto to Giovanni, and then we started right away to compose and write our own music and lyrics.

What were you all doing before Klune?

We were all three students and musicians.

In 2015, you were named as one of the best emerging bands in Italy by Converse and Noisey. That must have been pretty exciting?

Absolutely, it’s one of the best goals we have had so far. We spent a great day with Hector Castillo, the sound engineer who assisted us on recording vocals, some instruments and the mix. He collaborated with Philip Glass, Roger Waters, Bjork and many others. I remember it was an hard ten hours studio session, but it was extremely helpful for us because of Mr Castillo’s advises.

The result of that was being given the opportunity to record “Sun” to Officine Meccaniche. Would you say that “Nocturnal” is the antithesis of that?

Yes right the opposite.

Let’s talk about “Nocturnal”, your newest track and the one that sparked your feature as a Promising Discovery on HumanHuman. How did that song come about?

We think “Nocturnal” is one of the most complex tracks we wrote, even if it has not many instrumental lines. Even though we realized four or five different versions, we choose the leaner one. For instance, the version with which we were more uncertain has a halved tempo with big claps and snares on the chorus. That reminded us of “Hope”, our first song… and we are very picky.

Although labeled as pop, your music is soaked in electronic and indie textures. Was the the intention?

We tried some new instruments and ways to make music since we started, However, all of us listen a lot of pop music, and that’s what we would like to do.

Listening back through your music, I was pleasantly surprised by “Cinnamon” featuring rapper EMAY. Did you enjoy turning your hand to incorporating hip-hop vibes into your music?

Alberto, the composer, reached EMAY via Facebook, asking him to collaborate. He accepted and the same day, or the day after, sent us the vocal line. Album has some featurings too. We collaborated with many other singers, but the material was not good enough to be included in the album. We already have a single track for the next summer, featuring two rappers.

What are listening to at the moment? Any favourite artists of 2017?

R&B and Hip Hop singer’s like Frank Ocean and Honne, an electronic pop band inspired us a lot. We are careful about the music composition point of view, constantly researching new trends or styles, bands or singers. We would love to know some production stars in order to improve us, reaching an higher level from where we are now.

As a band, you hail from Podava in Italy, a place I haven’t heard about before. Could you tell me and the readers about your hometown? Is there much of a music scene there?

Padova is a small town, 20 mins away from by Venice, maybe you know this one ☺. Padova is a part of the musical scene in Italy. It hosts both big artists’ concerts and emerging bands ones. Bigger cities as Rome, Bologna and Milan are more musically alive. We follow the music scene in Italy, and there are some few artists, regarding the emerging scene, that we admire.

The lyrics and titles of your songs are in the English language, but as Italian speakers, do you ever wish that the music world was more receptive to other languages?

To be honest, we believe English sounds great for our kind of music, and most of the music we listen comes from english-speaking countries. However, there are many talented Italian artists we know personally, who able to sing and write in both languages. Good music shouldn’t have language boundaries, it’s all about being curious and open minded!

In an attempt to broaden our horizons here at HumanHuman, are there any Italian-speaking bands or artists you’d recommend?

There are some italian artists who sing in english. First of all, Lyves. We love her style. We are glad to have on board Francesca Pianini, aka IVYES, our next guest on the Album, who has warm tone and a stunning tuning. Nonetheless there are a lot of talented singers.

Your new label home, Factory Flaws, is doing a brilliant job at shining a light on Italian talent, how did you come to join their roster?

One day, our manager told us that Factory Flaws was interested in our project, we don’t know anything else about the story lol. Jokes aside, we are in sync with them, and we are working well together.

Returning to your music, I heard that you’ve been working on your album for the last two years. What's that process been like?

It has been a very long process. Before reaching this album, it's as if we had written another (unreleased) one. We discarded a lot of music we won’t use. Every track of the album contributes to the meaning. The album is ready for some time, and unfortunately, like many emerging artists/bands, we are influenced by the music we listen to. As a result, albums are a review of the music, the styles, we heard months ago.

That’s set to be released in 2018, so what can you tell us about the LP?

The album will have ten new original tracks with two featured artists.

What else does Klune have planned for the new year?

New music and concerts.

This article is written by Hannah Thacker and was published 2 years ago.

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