Melis Recommends Ten Emerging Acts

Ten personal picks from the indie-pop talent

As many of you know, HumanHuman is all about discovery with new artists, bands, side projects and collectives popping up on the site every day. It’s handy to have a guide through this new music labyrinth, and who better to lead the way than one of our Promising Discoveries! Here Melis selects ten emerging acts and tracks that are absolute must-listens.

Having already wowed us as one half of Brighton based pop duo IYES over the past few years, Melis steps into the spotlight with a number of incredibly poignant and charming tunes. Now based in Berlin and Prague, the singer, songwriter and producer (re)introduced herself this past April with “Love Song Idea”, a demo that we’re so grateful was salvaged from a broken hard drive.

Most recently, Melis shared the equivocally fragrant and delicate inflections of her proper debut single “Flower”, an ever blossoming track which unravels another layer to the singer’s artistry. Opening with twinkling piano progressions, it’s Melis’ utterly captivating and sweet vocals which steal the show here. Everything binds together ever so perfectly, as more and more layers of instrumentation are introduced into the mix giving the track its cinematic aesthetic. An emotive and touching song dedicated to her father, the single is taken from her forthcoming Parallels EP, which is set to be released later this year via Qrates.

With just these two tracks under her belt so far, Melis has showcased her undeniable talents as a singer and songwriter who crafts sparkling pop tracks that offer a source of consolation. We can’t wait to hear what Melis has in store for us with the rest of the EP, but if “Love Song Idea” and “Flower” are any indication - it’s safe to say that we’re in for a treat!

To tide us over until the EP, rising solo artsit Melis recommends a selection of her new music obsessions and favourite tracks du jour for us to get stuck into.

Jakob Ogawa

“This guy is only 19 years old and he’s from Denmark. His voice, writing and arrangements are just so beautiful and soulful. He’s crazy talented! I am in love with his laid-back jazzy, happy vibe. My personal favorite is “All Your Love”. I cannot wait for whatever he releases next. I’m a big fan of his sound. He’s the European DeMarco :)”

All Your Love by Jakob

The Japanese House

“Who doesn’t love the Japanese House? Amber Bain’s voice is so honest and so is the songwriting. And the melodies! I just love everything about her. She’s a really great contemporary artist. I get the Imogen Heap comparisons but then again, no matter what you do as an artist people will always have the need to compare you to someone else. I think “Saw You In a Dream” is the perfect dreamy pop record.”

The Japanese House - Saw You In A Dream


“Wafia holds a special place for me. She is an amazing human with a big heart, which reflects in her music. I love how authentic and pure she is as an artist. Her music is about issues she truly cares about. Her newest “83 Days” is a beautiful song that really connects with me. I think there’s so much more to her which we haven’t heard yet. I saw her perform in Berlin with Ta-ku last year and her voice shines through even more so live. So next time she’s playing in your city, do yourself a favour please.”

Wafia - 83 Days by future classic

Weyes Blood

“When I saw her perform live, she blew my mind. I have never seen a female musician perform like that. Her songwriting is on another level and I love how she sings and writes - it’s old school yet contemporary. I highly encourage everyone to listen to her latest LP Front Row Seat to Earth. It’s lyrically and melodically a fantastic record. Whatever she does next, I don’t think she can disappoint. She’s not capable of writing a bad song.”

Generation Why by Weyes Blood


“Fyfe is consistently delivering beautiful music mixing electronic and organic elements. His new album The Space Between is so tender, lovely and true. I love his delicate and tasteful productions. I think he’s very underrated as a producer and as an artist. He definitely deserves more credit for his work. I also recommend the track-by-track videos on his social media where he explains what each of his songs on the record is about. He seems like a genuinely nice human.”

Closing Time by FYFE


“I can’t wait to hear what kind of music dné is creating right now. His debut These Semi-Feelings, They Are Everywhere is a timeless record that shifted everyone’s perception on what classical means in 2017. He’s done something different from anyone else. Nothing has hit me emotionally as much as this album in a very long time. His work is beyond words, you have to listen to understand. He’s also a friend of mine and he’s absolutely hilarious, you should follow him on Instagram (@dnednednedne).”

Asos Model Crush by dné

Haiku Hands

“I found these girls online by complete accident but I am kinda intrigued. I like their debut “Not About You”, because it’s just so weird and gives me a bit of a throwback feel to Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) back in 2006. I am very curious about their follow ups and what kind of live experience their music could offer.”


“I had “Beating Myself Up” on repeat for a good few days when I first discovered it. I love the organic sound and how the song naturally progresses throughout. It’s the right balance of upbeat and mellow. The production is really cool and the vocal sound raw, so those two complement each other nicely. I hope there’s more to come from her because I haven’t heard much else apart from maybe two other songs online. I was surprised this was released via Charli XCX's label. But that makes me wonder if she’s going to come out with something completely unexpected next.”

Beating Myself Up by Cuckoolander


“Cosima’s smooth voice and moody dark production is what makes her stand out from the rest. “Had To Feel Something” is a great song. When I heard it I was completely mesmerized and thought she was a superstar. I like how she mixes minimal electronic elements with her soulful writing. There’s something mysterious and sassy about her sound that I admire. I also want to mention that she’s a total badass because she directs all her music videos. I really respect that.”

Had To Feel Something by COSIMA

Billie Marten

“She’s so young and such an accomplished writer already. Her album Writing of Blues and Yellows is one of my top 5 albums of last year. She’s an angel and I absolutely adore her delicate voice and the quiet way she performs her songs. “Milk and Honey” is my favorite. She sort of creates her own genre by merging folk influences and timeless productions but makes them sound contemporary. I saw that she’s going to do a few solo shows around the UK in July. I highly encourage anyone to go support her if you’re around! I have a feeling that anything new she releases will be just as beautiful as all of her previous work. She has set the bar very high for female songwriters.”

Milk & Honey by Billie Marten

This article is written by Deep Shah and was published 4 years ago.

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