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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a handful, are labelled as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below, are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

Familiarise yourself with these rising musicians and be sure to listen to the full playlist, showcasing all of April’s excellent finds.

Another month, another set of Promising Discoveries! One thing we can say about April is that it’s given us five standout finds representing a truly diverse range of sonic styles and artistry. There’s Lewis Capaldi, the Scottish singer-songwriter who took eight years to build up the skill and courage to share his music publicly. Then we have the shimmery DIY dream-pop of New Zealand up-and-comer Fazerdaze. In Berlin’s ever creative community, 19-year-old Lia Lia is making waves with her youthful-yet-passive minimalist electronics. There’s also the German-English producer Vasser, who despite his young years, has already impressed with three entirely and intricately self-produced tracks. Of course, we also had Toyko, the anonymous mood-pop artist from Los Angeles.

Lewis Capaldi

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April’s leading Promising Discovery is undoubtedly Lewis Capaldi, who was discovered by HighClouds two months ago, around the time that this Scottish songwriter blew the world away with his official debut single “Bruises”. Within days of being released, the track had already hit several Spotify New Music Friday playlists, has since gained over four million streams and, of course, secured Capaldi as a Promising Artist within the HumanHuman community. It’s impressive start and something Capaldi clearly doesn’t take for granted: “After 8 years of playing shows, writing tunes & hours trying to record them in my room at home, mental to finally be putting music out for everyone to hear.” The first track is also so much more than drawn-out hype, as “Bruises” is a carefully composed, post-heartbreak ballad that showcases Capaldi’s controlled vocal range, capability for flawless pop melodies and the confidence to leave the bells and whistles behind, instead opting for a bold piano. He’s already sold out the legendary venue King Tut’s in Glasgow, where he recently moved from the nearby Bathgate, and so you can be sure the string of UK live dates throughout this year will also result in an eager turnout. - HT

Lewis Capaldi - Bruises (Official Audio)


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While Australia may seem like the premier hotbed for new talent in the Asia Pacific, New Zealand has begun making a name for itself over the past few years with acts like the almighty Lorde, Thomston, Kane Strang, and now newest Flying Nun signee, Auckland’s Fazerdaze, discovered by Roelheid two years ago. While this artist has been making music under the moniker Fazerdaze for a few years, Amelia Murray is finally getting the recognition she deserves with her DIY shimmery dream-pop. Her sound is full of gorgeously reverb-drenched vocals and hazy guitar melodies, with ethereal self-produced gems like “Lucky Girl”, “Little Uneasy” and “Take It Easy”. Fazerdaze has already gained support from tastemakers within the blog community, taken part in Montreal’s Red Bull Music Academy, and supported Explosions In The Sky and fellow Kiwi Kane Strang. This is only the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting year for the emerging New Zealand talent. Murray’s debut full-length Morningside is out this Friday (May 5th), to be followed by an appearance at the UK’s Great Escape Festival and a subsequent European tour – a lucky girl, indeed! - MS

Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl by Flying Nun Records

Lia Lia

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Another artist whose debut track was enough to convince the good people of HumanHuman of their future success is Lia Lia. Currently based in Berlin, the 19-year-old newcomer seems detached from all strict genre lines in first release “OLYMP”, with her passive, almost-spoken lyrics, 80s-leaning electronic beats and playful production. You might not guess it from the melodious listen or care-free music video, but “OLYMP” was written during a winter where Lia Lia was heartbroken. Yet, the cold vocals, frosty electronics, and even the hint of sleigh bells, do recall this time in crystalline nostalgia. As Musical_HeART_Beat, who discovered this Promising Artist four months ago, puts it, “OLYMP” is “An honest autobiographical commentary on heartbreak and depression, this track is definitely a catchy one that you'll have stuck in your head for some time.” What is certain, we’re looking forward to what the young artist who refers to herself as Live Impact Area Legacy Interface Adapter will do next. - HT



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April proved to be quite a month for Kent based singer and producer Sam Breathwick who creates lush electro-pop cuts as Vasser. Discovered by Matthew Kent a year ago, Breathwick’s debut single “Whatever You Want” which was released last autumn hit a million streams on Spotify, his spellbinding new track “To The Wolves” was played on BBC Radio 1 and featured on Apple Music’s “Best of the Week” playlist, but best of all (in our opinion), he was certified as a Promising Artist here on HumanHuman! Somewhere in between James Blake’s exploratory songwriting and Mura Masa’s spiralling and sparkling production style, Vasser’s eclectic electronic-pop is tinged with soulful bursts which shine from start to finish. Whilst previous singles the aforementioned “Whatever You Want” and follow up “Retract” showcased the newcomer’s production skills, “To The Wolves” is where we get to hear his stunning vocal chops. A song about unrequited love, Breathwick’s yearning is evident through lines like “Like a moth to a flame, I’m drawn to you,” but ultimately it leads to him being “fed to the wolves.” At just eighteen years old, it’s safe to say that the future’s looking bright for Vasser, so keep your eyes and ears open for his debut EP, A Telling End, which is out in the next few weeks! - DS


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Toyko first caught the attention of discoverer Phil Lihp three months ago with an electronically charged alternative-pop single “Ghost Pepper”. This brilliantly titled first offering was then followed up by “Stronger Lover”, and once again we were met with a warm, multi-textured built from energetic guitars, punchy percussion and glossy synths. It’s also where we heard Toyko’s rallying cry “we’ve got stronger love,” which no draws close comparison to third track “Like What I Like”. Through his songs, the unnamed artist backed by creative friends to be found in Los Angeles, Toyko is keen to championing friendship, unity and acceptance of difference. In particular, for his latest song, this West Coast incognito explains that “I wanted something that speaks to everyone’s weird side and re-assures them to stay true to themselves – to live loud, and like what you like.” With pure intent behind each of his colourful productions, it’s easy to understand why our community have propped Tokyo up as a Promising Discovery, identity just doesn’t matter. - HT

Like What I Like by Toyko

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