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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a handful, are labelled as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below, are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

Familiarise yourself with these rising musicians and be sure to listen to the full playlist, showcasing all of July’s excellent finds.

July has been a month of surprises in our music discovery community, with a variety of acts, some on their very first release coming up through the ranks to be labelled as promising by our users who ranges from bloggers to PRs to A&Rs to radio professionals to those who simply love new music. Here, we take you through the last month’s top Promising Discoveries - politically motivated electronic artist Noga Erez, 16-year-old breakthrough Millie Turner, MOSSS and his tastefully lofi guitar grooves, alternative wunderkind Corbin formerly known as Spooky Black, and the understated R&B duo Tidelines.

Read about our latest set of Most Promising Discoveries below and be sure to give our monthly playlist a spin too.

Noga Erez

23 agrees

Discovered by Going Solo nine months ago, it comes as no surprise that Tel Aviv based musician Noga Erez is this month’s Most Promising Artist with 24 agrees. Truly pushing the boundaries of electronic music, Noga Erez finds that perfect sweet spot between her pop-centric vocal melodies and eclectic and utterly refreshing soundscapes that give her music the bite that we’ve come to adore. Having just released her exceptional and aptly named debut album Off the Radar earlier this summer, Noga Erez’ ascent as one of the most exciting electronic acts around is an understatement. You can’t have sound without vision, and the music videos that match skittery and playful singles “Toy” and “Noisy” are perfect examples of why. Each clip wonderfully adds an extra layer of atmosphere to the tracks, making the listening experience that extra bit more meaningful. When it comes to artists who offers a vibrant production whilst addressing heavy topics such as love or politics, Noga Erez is at the forefront – she’s firmly on our radar. - DS

Noga Erez - Noisy

Millie Turner

20 agrees

Millie Turner has wowed the HumanHuman community with her gorgeous debut single “Underwater”. The Londoner’s first offering is a rhythmic electro-pop anthem sat atop a stark dance beat. There’s enough space in the instrumental to allow Turner’s perfectly crafted lyrics to ring out, structured in catchy melodic phrases that will have you humming all day. It's no wonder she's the blogosphere's new prodigy with this mature first outing. “Underwater” would find a happy home in most of this year's blockbuster albums, such is the strength of the songwriting. There is a tendency to overcook the debut, to release something too keen for plays - crammed full of every tired 2016 pop cliché. However, Turner's is refreshingly restrained, giving the listener enough to recognise this young artist’s boundless potential without resorting to tired vocal samples or an uncalled drop. Discovered by MusicalHeartBeat eight months ago, Turner has enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence in 2017. With 20 agrees from our expert music enthusiasts under her belt, and every ingredient to continue her brilliant break-through, our top Promising Discovery of July will be gracing all your favourite playlists very soon. - AT

Millie Turner - Underwater


19 agrees

Set apart as “one of the best debuts of this year” by discoverer Hillydilly, MOSSS’ first single “Here If You Want (Plae Blue)” is a stylish piece of lofi guitar pop that is flush with groovy signatures and toe-tapping beats. It’s an addictively repeat-worthy song, that former Noise Club band member Rob McCurdy recalls, “I wrote and recorded the final guitar and bass line one night after a session at around midnight. I mumbled the vocal melody, then wrote the entire song in my next sitting later that week. I remember thinking about the night that inspired this song as soon as I started playing—the lyrics pretty much wrote themselves.” It’s that kind of effortlessly, late night magic that seeps its way into McCurdy’s smooth, soulful and dance-dipped debut that evokes connotations of Count Counsellor, Tom Misch and Nick Murphy. It’s only been a month since that noteworthy release, but we’re already looking forward to MOSSS’ next surprise. - HT



18 agrees

We’ve been on the tail on the artist known as Corbin for the past three years when discoverers Minternational noticed that previously featured find Spooky Black had switched monikers. It was a moment that separated this unique talent from Tumblr curiosity to a full-fledged artist whose impeccably produced alternative tracks are only matched by his live performances where audiences are likely to be winded from the force of his vocals. Strained shouts, gruff lows and those shining moments of soulful purity, Corbin’s voice pours intense, genuine emotion into each of his releases. From the new name introduction “Worn”, to the hip-hop collaboration with Bobby Raps, titled Coach Potato, to the haunting, mostly instrumental “destrooy” to his latest single “ICE BOY”. Arguably the Minnesota-based artist’s greatest release to date, the frosty atmosphere is set with loose-wristed drum hits, relentless cymbal taps, cosmic synths and an intermittent warped bass. Brought together by the production talents of Shlohmo and D33J, who Corbin will be touring with this September, “ICE BOY” is another reveal of this 18-year-old’s undeniable and original talents. <ï>- HT

ICE BOY by corbin


18 agrees

Despite first appearances, Tidelines is a duo made up of two artists who were born in London, but grew up on other sides of the world from each other. For the alluring singer Niomi it was Ireland and for skilled producer Kailin it was Beijing. However, chance is a wonderful thing as it brought the two musicians back to London for an unexpected meeting and later the project Tidelines. Spotted by Sodwee two years ago, the pair have racked up plenty of loyal listeners with their delicate approach to R&B and electronic music, as heard in tracks like “Wasting”, “Gaze” and this year’s sole release “Winter”. These are songs of suggestions and slight-of-hand, a refreshing break from the all-too-obvious pop music that dominates the music industry’s surface world. Their fluid sound has also recently been paired with a watery aesthetic via the transfixing music video for “Wasting”, directed by Drew McDonnell to showcase Niomi’s lofty presence. - HT

Tidelines - Wasting

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