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Most Promising Artists of June

Our monthly overview

Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but we only label a few as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

Once again, the variety of new-found artists hasn’t failed to disappoint. From the folk-tinged brilliance of Maggie Rogers, the majestic beauty of Skott, to the anthemic vibes of Antwerp’s Felix Pallas, haunting atmospherics from newcomer Joy Crookes, and Leeds producer Krrum’s infectious genre-bending wizardry. There’s bound to be something to take your fancy.

Maggie Rogers

60 agrees

An artist must be really, really special in order to break a HumanHuman record, and Maggie Rogers has done just that. With an astounding sixty agrees, this teen wunderkind from the rural parts of the Maryland area overtook the likes of Okay Kaya, Billie Eilish and Tsar B to become the most agreed artist. Discovered by Oblivious Pop over two years ago, Rogers (who started off creating folk music) first caused a buzz this past March when she played a new song to Pharrell (who had “zero notes” for what he heard) as part of a Masterclass through the NYU Clive Davis Institute. Fast forward to June, and Rogers finally answers many a listener's prayers for the finished version of that very song which went viral. With over a million plays within a week of being uploaded to SoundCloud, “Alaska” remains a breath of fresh air upon every listen, with its dwindling instrumentation and Rogers’ captivating vocal working their magic. Arguably the most talked about new artist of the year and currently number one on our Trending charts this is only the beginning for Maggie Rogers.

Alaska by Maggie Rogers


37 agrees

Elegant and haunting in its nature, the Lorde approved debut single from newcomer Skott, left our users in awe of the Scandinavian’s magical “Porcelain”. As discoverer Sodwee points out, Skott had quite the “atypical upbringing, growing up in a forest commune by a collection of ‘off-the-grid’ folk musicians around a small, close knit and very supportive community”. Distant from modern civilisation, it’s no surprise that “Porcelain” encomposses a certain fragility and purity that can only be spawned from such a place. Skott’s feathery falsetto, delivered with such delicacy that you’re afraid it may shatter with the slightest of touches, weaves its way across the driving soundscape, leaving you well and truly spellbound. Having made such an impact, there’s no doubt that Skott will be one to watch in the months to come, especially since she has the backing of Chess Club Records (Pumarosa, Billie Marten and ).

Felix Pallas

29 agrees

As the “alien synth pop” tag on their SoundCloud suggests, Belgium-based quartet Felix Pallas who were discovered on HumanHuman Iken Dust over a year ago create sounds that are out of this world. Known simply by the initials of their first name, “S + PJ + X + Z”, the four-piece released their infectious debut single “RAKATA” this past January. However, it was follow up track “Curse”, which premiered via Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, that truly won over our users’ hearts. Telling the story “of a love so blind that you lose yourself in it, making it feel more like a curse than a blessing”, lead vocalist S serenades with his powerful falsetto; threading it through the ever-growing, ever-intensifying soundscape before climaxing in the last minute for a final hoorah of epicness. With just the two singles under their belt, Felix Pallas have proved that they are a force to be reckoned with and it’s only a matter of time before their ambition to fill stadiums across the globe will be realised.

CURSE  by Felix Pallas

Joy Crookes

26 agrees

At just seventeen years-old, London singer Joy Crookes, who was discovered by tastemaker Hillydilly.com five months ago, wowed just about everyone with her delectable debut single “New Manhattan” earlier this year. Opening with thematic and quite frankly stunning harp scales, the single serves as the perfect introduction to this newcomer’s artistry. Crookes’ voice stands strong, its rich tones delivered with a confidence beyond her young years slip off the twinkling composition of sublime guitar licks and a sensational string section with ease. Despite its cinematic Lana Del Rey-esque sound, producer Michael Percy finds the right balance by integrating touches of electronics to mould the track into the rich and soulful piece that it is. To hear such poise and control from an artist as young as Crookes shouldn’t really come as a surprise, as after all, age is just a number. Currently in the process of writing and recording her debut album, we’re on tenterhooks waiting for Joy Crooke’s first, benchmarking record.

New Manhattan by Joy Crookes


23 agrees

Inspired by the likes of Jai Paul, Justin Vernon and The Gorrilaz, Leeds-based producer/singer Krrum creates seductive electronic-led pop with an alternative twist. Since releasing his dazzling debut single “Morphine” seven months ago, which was around the same time that Going Solo added this now Promising Artist to HumanHuman, Krrum has continued to work magic through his Evil Twin EP. Bursting with “bombastic brass” and distorted vocals, the title-track is where Krrum’s sonic wizardry comes into play, even despite the spiralling and arguably chaotic instrumentation, everything seems to fit snugly into place. Completing the EP is latest offering “Hard On You”, another impressive affair which continues Krrum’s streak of genre-bending hits. Now signed to London label 37 Adventures, we’re already holding out for more sparkling electro-pop goodness from Krrum.

Evil Twin by Krrum

This article is written by Deep Shah and was published 2 years ago.

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