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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a handful, are labelled as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below, are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

Familiarise yourself with these rising musicians and be sure to listen to the full playlist, showcasing all of June’s excellent finds.

We have your summer listening lined up with June’s top five Promising Discoveries. There’s the vibrant, sunshiny pop debut “Girls” by anonymous outfit Life In Sweatpants. For the quieter, more low key days you can escape into the melancholic dreaminess of “The Children” by Italian newcomer HÅN. Then when you’re after an all-out summer jam, you’ll want to tap into the ever-changing, West Coast sounds of Karmic or the bizarre and joyous dance-pop tune “Freinds” by Count Counsellor. If future-soul and R&B is more your kind of thing, then look no further than cross-Atlantic collaborators FARR and their sultry single “Blades”. Of course, we have plenty more offerings in our monthly playlist to see you through the summer wherever in the world you may be.

Read about our latest set of Most Promising Discoveries below and be sure to give our monthly playlist a spin too.

Life In Sweatpants

24 agrees

It’s not often that a debut single is enough for the HumanHuman community to crown a new Promising Discovery, but that’s exactly the case with new outfit Life In Sweatpants (L.I.S.) who instantly struck a chord with their delectable debut offering “Girls”, released earlier in June. There’s very little information on who’s actually behind the project, California-based blog Musical_HeART_Beat was well ahead of the pack with the discovery of Life In Sweatpants five months ago. With “Girls”, Life In Sweatpants create an atmosphere that’s absolutely perfect for the summer – as the sparkling instrumentation beautifully carries those soaring vocals. Utterly uplifting and captivating, the track has a certain magic to it, one that’ll make you want to dance from the moment you hit play. Packed with potential, we simply can’t wait to hear what L.I.S. have in store for us next, but if this first track is any indication – it won’t disappoint! - DS

Girls by Life In Sweatpants


22 agrees

With comparisons immediately being drawn to dark-pop forerunner Daughter, it’s not wonder that our users flocked to agree on emerging Italian artist HÅN, who was discovered by Matthew Kent four months ago. As with our Most Promising Discovery, Life In Sweatpants, this blogosphere newcomer has only revealed her debut single so far, but “The Children” has proved more than popular with 112K plays on SoundCloud and 121K streams on Spotify. With a dreamy intensity, the Garda Lake-based musician introduces us to her melancholic style, with spacious guitar notes, bold drum hits and purposefully vague and complex lyrics that allow the listener to apply their own meaning. Speaking about her debut, HÅN explains that “‘The Children’ is like someone running away from the things that they know and from the place in which they always been, becoming aware of the oppression of 'the safe place'. At the same time, they feel like they’re inevitably bound to their home. It’s a kind of ambivalent feeling of both growing and missing what you leave by living this process.” - HT

The Children (I See No Home) (Acoustic) by HÅN


21 agrees

As regular users of our in-house feedback tool, the Los Angeles foursome Karmic have presented their summer-ready synth pop to the HumanHuman community who have jumped on board with their feel-good melodies, impressive vocal interplay and colourful electronics. Speaking on one of their earlier tracks “Lighthouse”, French blog Sodwee was impressed that “You’ll find all sorts of influences clashing in this tightly produced track,” a claim which can be transferred to any of their surprising outputs. Whether it’s the sugary space-pop and disco rhythms of “Higher Self”, the catchy, indie-dance tune that is “With You” or the swelling electronica of “Phases” with a unexpected verse courtesy of California-via-Alabama rapper Allen Forrest. As a unit, the band members each bring an essential element, whether that be the harmonised vocals of Laura Baruch and Kylee Tkatch, the DJ and production experience provided by Peter Kastner or Sam Murphy’s multi-instrumental talents. It’s not your usual band set up, but that’s clearly one thing that caught to discerning ear of top discoverer The Indie Curator seven months ago. - HT

Count Counsellor

20 agrees

When new music expert Thomas Konings first came across the Adelaide-born, London-based Count Cousellor, he described his find as a “mysterious r&b collective.” It’s a true enough statement when listening to the 2015 release, & The Childhood Heroes, and yet, three years on you couldn’t say that’s the music that Henry Counsell has continued to make. Over that time, the Australian musician has evolved and expanded his multi-dimensional music world, being heavily influenced by the likes of Fela Kuti, Burial, The Streets, Sade and Paul Simon. This eclectic listening habit has encourage HC to create his most bizarre, wondrous, joyful and addictive song to date - “Friends”. In the vein of alt-popsters courtship., Portugal. The Man and recent Nick Murphy, the track delves into youthful nostalgia, funk-laced guitars and a dynamic mixture of acoustic and electronic percussion. It’s dance, funk, pop, disco all rolled into one delicate, repeat-worthy package that has us incredibly excited to hear what else is in store for Count Cousellor’s forthcoming The Friday Friends EP. - HT


20 agrees

Here we have a super fresh discovery with an even fresher sound. Discovered by just three months ago, FARR is the cross-Atlantic project of Los Angeles vocalist, songwriter and classically trained musician Roméo and London producer and multi-instrumentalist Linden Jay, who used the wonders of technology and the Internet to share ideas, recordings, demos and form a firm friendship. Speaking about their second single “Blades”, Roméo revealed that it was “the next step of our story, written mostly over WhatsApp. The song came together one night when Linden sent me the hook beat as he was ending the night in London, and by the time he woke up, I’d sent him the vocal hook from Los Angeles and had started piecing together the rest of the track.” Despite their different backgrounds and physical distance, FARR have nailed a coherent future soul sound. It’s especially apparent on “Blades” with its slick hip-hop backbeats, Roméo’s rich vocals, a undeniably sultry groove and Linden Jay’s anticipation-building production. - HT

FARR - Blades (Official Video)

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