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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a handful, are labelled as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below, are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

Familiarise yourself with these rising musicians and be sure to listen to the full playlist, showcasing all of June’s excellent finds.

It’s June, a month that greets summer and a wave of pre-festival releases. The weather is peaking which means I have the eternal shorts debate, an endlessly sweaty brow and a tragic t-shirt tan. HumanHuman users were characteristically engaged, adding a plethora of talented emerging artists to the site. The community eventually settled on COSHA, Amilli, Caro, No Rome and Oshun as this month’s most promising picks. These five artists span a number of genres, with varied writing styles and sounds - a testament to HumanHuman’s vibrant curators. - LL


21 agrees

COSHA was a lock in from the beginning. Formerly known as Bonzai, the London based musician already had serious pedigree. HH user HighClouds was first to the keyboard, adding COSHA a month ago when the name change was announced. Dublin-born songwriter Cassia O'Reilly released three EP’s under her original moniker, setting the blogosphere alight with her quirky, effervescent indie-pop. Speaking to The Fader, Cassia noted “I’m choosing to use the phonetic pronunciation of my real name to represent the faith I have in the new songs and direction. Reinvention is my way of drawing a line between what's come before and what's to come now.” Her first release as COSHA was ‘Do You Wanna Dance’, the first cut from her new mixtape ‘R.I.P. Bonzai’. The single was produced by Rostam, who is most widely known for his work with Frank Ocean and Solange - adding an organic, analogue flavour to COSHA’s vibrant melodic writing. The chorus is a pure earworm, gliding atop jangly guitars and a glassy lead synth line. The future is extremely bright for the 22 year-old, with a whole world of aural exploration and maturation ahead of her. - LL


18 agrees

Only 16 days ago, HH user MusicalHeARTBeat added Amilli to the site. Since then, she has amassed 18 agrees and a flurry of positive blog reviews. The 18 year old upstart is based in Bochum, Germany and delivered her third single ‘Rarri’ in the middle of June. It was produced by leomarykate and features an enigmatically nonchalant vocal delivery. The track is approaching 100,000 streams on Spotify, having been added to a few well-sized editorial playlists. As Amelia Maher wrote for The Line of Best Fit, “it is ultimately a track that was made to soundtrack a summer of wild adventures. Amilli is evidently harking from the same effortlessly cool gang that birthed the likes of Billie Eilish and Mavi Phoenix, but in her own cheeky, but incredibly focussed way.” Poking fun at materialism and chasing luxury lifestyles, Amilli is clearly here for the joy of writing good music. The song is destined to become an indie summer anthem and we look forward to hearing more from the German talent. - LL


16 agrees

Caro took a slightly longer path to their entry into this month’s most promising list. Italian tastemaker blog Going Solo added the band to the site over two years ago and since then the group have released a number of playfully catchy singles. They are unabashedly indie, with big guitar lines, stacked vocals and anthemic melodies taking centre stage. The Leeds based three-piece have collected a group of ardent fans, having gigged steadily across the UK for a number of years. Their total streams on Spotify are approaching a million indicating a clear appetite for well-crafted indie writing. On the single CLASH Magazine wrote, “Supremely infectious and highly intelligent, it's another reminder that Caro's self-contained universe is one well worth entering.” We agree, Caro look set to take the scene by the scruff of the neck with their energetic soundscapes - don’t miss out.

No Rome

16 agrees

The fourth pick in this month’s most promising list is No Rome, an artist who was discovered over four years ago by 2018 saw the release of two singles from the Manila based 22 year-old, ‘Do It Again’ and ‘Seventeen’. His tracks sit somewhere between electro-pop and indie, with a writing style focused on rising melodies and mature hooks. Signed to Dirty Hit, No Rome has a focused sound - well presented on the latter of the previously mentioned singles. In his own words, “Seventeen is an attempt to encapsulate the feeling of being young forever – a reality that sadly cannot be achieved. It’s a song about the endless melancholy of being young and in love. It’s about wishing it was as easy as it used to be; exploring a time when all that mattered was the failures of romance and the wonders of coming of age” It’s a nostalgic ride along dreamy guitars and shiny synths, with a big beat rolling underneath. Watch the beguiling visuals below. - LL


16 agrees

The final selection in this month’s roundup is New York-based duo Oshun. Made up of members Niambi and Thandi, Oshun is a delectable slice of soul tinged alt-R&B. With contemporary percussive arrangements and soft keys, the pair weave melodies and bars into their ethereal productions. Discovered by kwame's picks three years ago, Oshun have recently released ‘bittersweet vol. 1’ - a 10 track album full of sumptuous writing. ‘My World (feat. Jorja Smith)’ is a highlight, with an expertly crafted chorus and gorgeous harmonies. In their own words, “We are the new goddess on the block, and we have traveled here from the center of the Earth, the land of sweetness in the 10th dimension, the Oshuniverse. We are here to hydrate your souls and empower you on your trip upward!” 2018 might just be their year. - LL

This article is written by Lex Low and was published 2 years ago.

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