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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a handful, are labelled as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below, are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

Throughout March, we’ve had a real array of new music on our playlist. Whether it’s the chilled R&B debut “Gassed” of anonymous project Weslee, or the electronic-pop confidence anthem “Better Things” from DYLN, or COTE’s dreamy Stevie Nicks-esque single “Cruel”, or the long-awaited return record “Running On A Beach” from Swedish pop lover Sportsman, or the feisty alt-pop number “Childhood Dreams” of Norwegian talent ARY. This month really showed the power of the single, with the bar raised really, really high by our latest set of top five Promising Discoveries.


28 agrees

Who is Weslee? Ah, the age old question. Well, not quite age old - but it’s certainly a tried and tested formula, the: “we really just want the music to speak for itself” tactic. Presenting new music under a veil of mystery has worked many a time before, and will do again. For London-via-New York duo Weslee, they’ve made a very promising start using this method. Discovered six months ago by eagle-eyed Antwerp-based discoverer Jeremy Gigase, the pair have racked up a commendable 28 agrees on the strength of one single - the minimalistic, futuristic pop of “Gassed”. Originally plucked from obscurity by American comedy series You’re the Worst, the track then was given the seal of approval by none other than BBC Radio 1’s Mistajam, furnished with the coveted Hottest Record In The World tag. All this success to date is 100% warranted, with producer Josh’s glistening electronics offering the perfect base for singer Emma’s soulful, shimmering vocals. Weslee have promised an EP to follow later this year, and if they can continue to up their game, we could all be in for something very special indeed. - JC

Gassed (Official Audio) by WESLEE


28 agrees

It was only last month that DYLN premiered her first single “Better Things”, although she was discovered by HighClouds four months ago when she made the switch from Stef Lang to this new moniker. The impressive stride to the second spot in our March overview is all down to her highly professional and empowering electronic-pop debut that shows off a determined attitude, vocal athleticism and one hell of a soaring, catchy hook, “If you think that the whole world revolves around you - I got better things to do.” Citing influences as Kid Cudi and Robyn, the Canadian born artist states that “My philosophy is to write real songs,” and in “Better Things” reality bites when DYLN shows a self-centered lover the door. In addition to these authoritative lyrics, this songwriter is also the production talent responsible for that immense bass and those tightly knits electronic beats. Her love for music technology is also evidenced by her alias DYLN, which comes from a nickname ‘Dylan’ that she gave to an all black carbon fibre guitar. Due to the unbreakable properties of this instrument’s material, it became a symbol for the artist’s own inner strength. It was actually during a period of depression, that the now Brooklyn based musician first began writing songs for this project, one that promises to deliver up more demon-battling bangers. - HT

Better Things by DYLN


25 agrees

Another Promising Artist based in the veritable hotbed of creativity, Brooklyn, is COTE the highly talented singer-songwriter who was discovered by Going Solo eight months ago. From first release “London”, comparisons to Fleetwood Mac have come flooding in. There’s no denying that her mesmeric vocals, playful electronic keys, soft fingerpicking as well as fiery riffs on the guitar harness a sense of ‘70s Americana pop-rock that we very rarely hear accomplished with such confidence and style. From the preppy “Green Light” to swaying classic “Golden Hour” to latest single “Cruel”, which revels in the darker side of optimism, COTE’s astonishing knack for tenacious lyrics, sturdy chord progressions and that rare vocal is unfaltering. With the fourth track, this New Yorker shows an affection for dreamy textures akin to Beach House and Mazzy Star and an endearing vulnerability that brings to mind the open songwriting of Angel Olsen, further evidence of her eligibility for the big leagues. As discoverer Going Solo writes, COTE has already “raised the expectations and put big spotlights on her future to prove that she’s a star in the making.” - HT

Cruel by COTE


21 agrees

If you are still unaware, Sportsman is back. Discovered by The Line Of Best Fit four years ago, the Stockholm-based musician Per Magnusson has been quiet for the past three years, carefully planning the next move and giving away no more clues than a version of Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again”, sparked by a car ride with producer HNNY (Johan Cederberg) who said he should do a cover of the well-known song, so he did. Their friendship has proven to be more than day trips as Cederberg has production credits on Sportsman’s debut album, Neverland, set for release on June 2nd via Best Fit Recordings. The first taste of that long-awaited LP is “Running On A Beach”, a track that emerged when Magnusson was staying in Tanzania and early one morning went for a run on the beach while high on antimalarials. Through the elegant R&B-inflected electronics and dreamy vocals, the song chronicles the blurred lines between reality and illusion. This nod to the realms of fantasy appears to lead into the wider subject matter of Sportsman’s first album, “as a final farewell to my childhood,” which is intended to be listened to from beginning to end. Come June 2nd, remember to turn that shuffle function off and give Neverland your full attention. - HT

Sportsman - Running On A Beach by Best Fit Recordings


24 agrees

Oslo-based songstress Ary (real name Ariadne Loinsworth) has been forging her own path in her native Norway over the past few years. Her debut single “Higher” received widespread critical attention and propelled her onto Norwegian national radio. It was the 23-year-old’s newest single “Childhood Dreams” that got us talking here at HumanHuman, with Ary finally being labelled as promising two years after Minternational made the early discovery. It’s packed with pulsating synths, effervescent percussion and BANKS-esque melodic work. - AT

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