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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but we only label a few as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

As with every month in music discovery, the variety of new-found artists never fails to disappoint. From 70’s inspired disco pop courtesy of RALPH, the vibrant atmospherics of mysterious outfit Terror Jr and Liv Dawson’s sparkling pop debut, to the raw atmospherics of Owen Rabbit and progressive soul of Brandyn Burnette, there’s bound to be something to your fancy.


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As HumanHuman discoverer FADED GLAMOUR puts it, RALPH, is “not actually a bloke called Ralph but the project of Raffa Weyman”. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, this artist first mesmerised our users with the delectably refreshing vibes of debut single “Trouble” over a year ago. Since then, she’s been relatively quiet. However, the silence was broken late last month, when RALPH shared more of her enticing artistry in the form of “Cold To The Touch”. It appears that the wait for new material was well worth it, as the magical instrumentation, flowing with glorious keys and magnificent bass, pays homage (without the cheese) to the sun soaked disco-pop of the 70s. Don’t be fooled by the glittery soundscape though, as RALPH isn’t playing around. In lyrics like “Not looking for love, hate to say it but it’s time you gave it up … Not looking for love, you leave my body cold to the touch”, which she intones with the slickest of touches in the chorus, she echoes her disinterest in taking things forwards with her now former lover. With an EP in the works, RALPH’s ascent to pop stardom has only just begun.

Cold To The Touch by RALPH

Terror Jr

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A brand new video, premiering a lip-gloss line called Glosses from reality star Kylie Jenner caused quite the buzz when it hit the internet towards the end of March. However, it wasn’t the promiscuity of the pouts that caught the attention of self-proclaimed “buzz rider” and HumanHuman discoverer Disco Naiveté, it was the sugary greatness of the song playing in the background. The song in question was “3 Strikes”, a dazzling amalgamation of syrupy electronics and hypnotic vocals by enigmatic three-piece Terror Jr, who are signed to EFF/ESS (which is also home to Promising Discovery Kiiara), the imprint fronted by Felix Snow. Terror Jr have kept the momentum of “3 Strikes” alight by sharing two equally arresting songs in the form of “Sugar” and the recently released “Trippin”. All three songs house Felix Snow’s signature combination of choppy vocals and skittery electronics, a formula that continues to work wonders on listeners and our discoverers alike. Whilst information on the trio is still pretty scarce, with gems like this, it comes as no surprise that Terror Jr’s songs have been streamed over 3 million times on SoundCloud alone.

Trippin by Terror Jr

Owen Rabbit

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The number of artists creating electronic-led music with hints of R&B is forever increasing, but few possess the unique sound that multi-instrumentalist and producer Owen Rabbit brings to the table. Discovered by The Indie Curator two years ago, this Melbourne-based artist introduces sounds from the strangest of places. Whether it’s a bottle, matches, or even rubbish - Rabbit will incorporate it into his sonic palette with ease. Take the warbling, otherworldly sounds of latest single “Weeds”, which tipped Rabbit over into being labelled as Promising this month. What makes Rabbit’s music that extra bit special however, is his voice - which is an instrument in itself. It wobbles, cracks and creeks across the soundscape, adding to the raw and incredibly intimate atmosphere he creates through the production. This slightly rough-around-the-edges aesthetic, which pulls you in with an elegant, almost charming sort of way, is what sets Rabbit apart from his contemporaries. It’s for this very reason, that we can’t wait to hear what this Promising Artist has in store for us next.

Owen Rabbit - Weeds by owen rabbit

Brandyn Burnette

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Tagged as “Progressive Soul” on SoundCloud, L.A. via St. Louis artist Brandyn Burnette’s music couldn’t be described in a better way. When musicthatwelike discovered this Promising artist two years ago, it was his “cheeky acoustic pop” numbers like “Money” and “More Of You”, taken from Burnette’s Punch Lines From A Scattered Mind project, which kick-started the agrees. With each release, this young artist’s sound has continued to grow and expand, which is why the aforementioned tag is so perfect. Ranging from the Bruno Mars-esque sound of his earlier work to the more electronic-driven and soulful inflections of newer songs like “Underneath” and “Worship”, you can clearly track the progression of Burnette’s work. Latest offering “Karma” stands out in particular, with its shape-shifting production comprising of pop, electronic and soulful jazz elements. Look out for the forthcoming State I’m In EP out later this month.

Karma by Brandyn Burnette

Liv Dawson

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Just days before the inevitable happened, HumanHuman founder Senne Van Den Bogaert commented on Crack in the Road’s latest discovery with the following: “Will this be CiTR’s 8th out of 14 discoveries labeled as 100% promising?”. The short answer - yes! Newcomer Liv Dawson, is the latest artist to join CiTR’s ever-growing list of Promising Artists, and rightly so, as debut single “Tapestry” is one of the best songs of the year. At just seventeen years old, this Surrey-based singer-songwriter cast a spell on our users with her golden musings gliding with an effortless grace atop the simple yet entirely immersive instrumentation. “Have you seen the seven oceans, or a snow cap of a mountain top? / Have you ever felt my love burn so bright, Like a fireball in your palm?” echoes Dawson, filling your mind with gorgeous imagery, her words echoing with the delicatest of touches, captivating you from start to finish. With an element of romanticism and maturity beyond her age, Dawson’s abilities as a vocalist and songwriter are second to none, so expect big things.

Tapestry by LivDawsonOfficial

This article is written by Deep Shah and was published 2 years ago.

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