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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a handful, are labelled as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below, are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

As the new year approaches, so do the inevitable end of year lists, but here at HumanHuman we’re still interested in what goes on within each month. In November, we were treated to twenty-five Promising Discoveries that of course includes our top five. These acts stand up for the modern music scene, with heavyweight production and R&B collaborators to be found in Sonder, whilst Batts brings together a duo working on opposite sides of the world, both Lex Low and Woodes are self-taught producers and songwriters who constantly push past their limits, and Casi comes back with a reinvented mystical pop sound. Read on to find out why these five finds have become the Most Promising Artists of November.


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Few artists arrive fully formed with each and every element of their artistry beautifully thought out. However, from the moment that Sonder (comprising of Brent Faiyaz, Atu and Dpat) unveiled “Victoria” earlier this summer, everything just seemed to click into place. Discovered by Matthew Kent four months ago, Sonder have articulated their seductive brand of R&B in three quite frankly mesmerising releases in the form of “Victoria” (featuring Lyves), “Undone” (featuring James Vincent McMorrow, J-Louis and Asante) and “Sheath” (featuring Sango and Amber Olivier). Each instalment a triptych of blissful electronic-laden gems topped off with the smoothest of vocals. Sonder’s greatest strength is in their presentation. Capturing a listener’s attention for over ten minutes in a single is a difficult feat in itself, but doing so three times is a testament to the trio’s talents as Atu and Dpat offer some serious production for Faiyaz to lay down his feather soft falsetto. It was their official debut single “Too Fast” however, which tipped Sonder into becoming the Most Promising Artist of November and with over a million collective plays on SoundCloud alone, this is an impressive start for the project. - DS

Too Fast by Sonder


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The project we now know as Batts was born two years ago when Australian singer Tanya Batt met musical counterpart in British producer Ficci, each bringing to the table dusky, soulful vocals and superb production skills respectively. It might seem like Melbourne and Birmingham are worlds apart, but as with distant collaborators Vallis Alps and Promises Ltd., BATTS prove that finding another artist on the same creative wavelength overcomes (with a little help from the Internet) that geographical barrier. The initial marker of their synchronicity was debut “Morals”, a soft trembling piano-led affair of subtle atmospherics and of course Tanya Batt’s simply lovely voice. Emanating the soothing aesthetic of their music, Batts have taken an easy-going approach to releasing new tracks with “For That, I’m Sorry”, a cover of Haddaway’s “What Is Love” and “Kiki”. Taking your time certainly has its benefits, as the intricate arrangements and original lyrical ideas glide their ways into the hearts of our listeners, particularly that of discoverer The Indie Curator. Their latest track “Lie To Me”, which was made during a ten week writing retreat in the Northern English countryside, is an audible respite thanks to chilled trip-hop and Tanya’s distinctively warm vocals. - HT

Lie To Me by BATTS

Lex Low

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Known for his self-produced R&B inflected love songs, London-born LA-based artist Lex Low who was discovered by Hannah Thacker two years ago, has been melting our hearts for well over three years now. Whether it’s the bittersweet lyricism of “In the Morning” or the groovy instrumentation of “Mystery”, Lex Low’s talents as a singer, songwriter and producer are second to none. Most recently, we’ve been infatuated with “Drifting”, a lovelorn intersection of glorious production and slick vocals. It’s also a fitting title, as it’s a wonderful example of Low’s progression in sound, replacing guitars with synths to serve as a departure from his “slightly more organic approach.” In a deeply personal and honest article for tastemaker blog Sodwee, Low details his own thoughts on writing “Drifting” and how it allowed him to take a step back and reevaluate his approach: “It dawned on me that I had an amazing opportunity; namely, the chance to transfer my inner feelings to something greater than the thoughts themselves.” Sounding better than ever, Lex Low’s music will only continue to melt our hearts. - DS

Drifting by Lex Low


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Another Australian name to look out for is Woodes, hailing from Queensland and discovered by Hillydilly two years ago, around the time that this Promising Artist began work on her first EP. Over that time, Woodes has been pushing her capabilities both as a songwriter and producer, later releasing six songs under the moniker which details her life so far. From the experience of growing up in the national park of Townsville in “Bonfire” to collaborating with different artists, like writing “The Thaw” with Lanks in Melbourne. It’s not only personal experiences that this rising talent turns to for inspiration, but also an alter-ego in the name Woodes, which to this artist represents strength and bravery, particularly in songs “Rise” and “Daggers & Knives”. Woodes further highlights this fearless imagery: “There are mentions of fire, of fear, of being submerged underwater, of solitude, strength and change.” There’s a consistent shimmering beauty throughout the Woodes EP, it’s essentially Australian with the ambient electronica, reformed folk and yet offers something quite new to the wider pop songwriter scene. - HT

Rise by Woodes


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Discovered two years ago by Hillydilly, Welsh songstress Casi had been making waves with her ethereal, other-worldly pop for some time already. Her debut single “Grace” was named the Best Song of 2013 by BBC Radio Wales and back in March 2015 her track “Roads” made BBC Radio 1’s playlist as the BBC Introducing pick of the week. Since then she has been busy working on new music leading up to the release of her fantastic new single “Lion” on Chess Club Records back in May this year. The release of “Lion” was accompanied with a spectacular music video in which Casi is covered by all manner of insects from moths to caterpillars to snails. “Golden Age Thinking” completes the AA single release and is equally as mystical as its companion. These two tracks are just a taste of what is to come from this exciting artist. With a handful of live dates this year, including supporting label mate at the Bristol date of her UK tour, the next time you’ll be able to catch her on stage is as part of The Line Of Best Fit’s Five Day Forecast in January 2017. - MK

Casi - Lion (Official)

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