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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a handful, are labelled as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below, are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

Familiarise yourself with these rising musicians and be sure to listen to the full playlist, showcasing all of November’s excellent finds.

Can you believe it’s November? The months have flown by this year and we’re approaching 2018. The discoveries didn’t slow up this month, with a hoard of new music being added to the site. Bülow ran away with the most agrees, a stunning 28 total. Thunder Jackson’s debut single saw him ammass 20. Eera beguiled our users with ‘Reflection of Youth’. Danish Indie-Rockers Masasolo finally hit 100% after two years and London lads Jakil made an impression with 18 agrees. - LL


28 agrees

November’s top discovery was added by everyone’s favourite blog-run-by-a-guy-called-Stevie... Wonky Sensitive. Synth-popper Bülow released her debut single ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ at the beginning of the month. Graduating High-School in 2018, Bulow’s song-making is mature beyond her years. Having gained such visibility in a relatively short space of time is a testament to the infectiousness of Bulow’s writing, the track has passed a million streams on Spotify alone. The hook is a true earworm, laid atop a bed of percussive synths and reverby finger clicks. It’s the sound of the moment, opening up into a wavy synth chorus that will have you rolling along with the beat. It’s a story of lust-not-love, with Bulow singing “Wish I could tell you that I love you but I can’t / With I could tell you that I miss you but I can’t.” With only three tracks to her name, this month’s top talent is potential personified, the blogosphere awaits her follow up single with baited breath. - LL

Thunder Jackson

20 agrees

Here’s an example of why HumanHuman is so important to music fans who want to get ahead of the game, because top user Bastien knew about Thunder Jackson a whole two months before even a hint of music had made an appearance. This is where the mystery began and even with tantalizing debut “Guilty Party”, we’re still not that much closer to answering the question - who or what is Thunder Jackson? We does have some clues though, coming from the anonymous duo themselves: “We are two people. One of us is from Oklahoma. One of us is from Cardiff, in Wales. We met in a taxi in California. Sometimes these things just work out rather well. What are the chances?” Sure, we all meet cool people while travelling, at parties, online, but how many of us can claim that said stranger is also a perfect creative counterpart? Not many, that’s for sure. With their first release “Guilty Party”, TJ take a light-hearted approach to self-destruction through ear-wormy hooks, sing-a-long lyrics, and if the bouncing rhythms should fail to get you up dancing then the music video of retro footage should do that. Watch this space. - HT

Thunder Jackson - Guilty Party


19 agrees

Blubb Blubb discovered London songstress Eera about three years ago, since then the beguiling songwriter has released a raft of beautifully emotive records. It was her new single, taken from the EP of the same name, ‘Reflection of Youth’ that saw 19 HumanHuman users tip her as promising. With expansive, stacked vocals and restrained production, Eera takes the listener on a journey. Reverb laden, lo-fi soundscapes find true connectivity in a world of over-produced, quantized pop projects. The imperfections give life to a shoe-gaze instrumental that will have you energised and going back for more. I’m sure 2018 will see Eera taking further steps forward, allowing her to become a household name in the alt-indie scene; London is buzzing at the moment, with exciting acts around every corner - I believe that Eera will mark her territory and carve out a path trodden only by one. - LL

Reflection Of Youth // Selections by EERA


18 agrees

Although Danish indie-rock outfit Masasolo was discovered by Camels & Lions two years ago, it would appear that what sparked those final agrees to bring this find up to 100% was the release of their debut album, At Sixes And Sevens. Arriving eighteen months after Morten Søgaard announced the project with first single “Really Thought She Loved Me”, and now alongside fellow band members Jacob Haubjerg, Anders Haaning and Martin Birksteen, Masasolo has built on that initial Tame Impala-meets-UMO sound with a record full of psychedelic pop, disco undertones and guitar-centric melodies. It’s been a series of carefully chosen and spread out and spread out releases through 2016 and 2017, but it’s through these few tracks that the Copenhagen band has built up a loyal following and given themselves the space to explore new sonic territories as we hear on the LP. It’ll be worth listening out for what Masasolo will deliver next. - HT

Masasolo - How It Feels by Antiphonics


18 agrees

Indie-pop five piece Jakil were added to HumanHuman three years ago by minternational, having just released their single ‘Istanbul’. It was a great introduction to the band, laying out their signature plucky guitar, falsetto heavy sound. The Londoners have an infectious brand of bouncy guitar based indie music that gives the listener echoes of The 1975 and Neiked. As Candid Magazine put it, “The only way to describe Jakil is sugary sweet, cavity inducing pop music; even their press release features pink love hearts and emojis.” Their most recent single ‘Fool Without U’ caught our users attention and led the boys to a slot in this month’s most promising picks. With 18 total agrees, the HumanHuman community have clearly taken to Jakil, and whilst their path to promising has been a long one we look forward to hearing more from them throughout 2018. - LL

Fool Without U by Jakil

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