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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a handful, are labelled as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below, are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

Familiarise yourself with these rising musicians and be sure to listen to the full playlist, showcasing all of November’s excellent finds.

November saw us officially enter winter, the cold crept in and Q4 loomed large. Fear not though, because the end of the year also brought some exceptional new artists into focus at HumanHuman. Once again, the HH community unearthed some real gems. This month’s selection of most promising artists span a number of genres and styles; from the romantic melancholy-pop of Ex:Re to the energetic glitchy sound of Bad Child.


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November’s most promising pick was discovered a mere 6 days ago by Daisy Digital and rose extremely quickly through the HH ranks. Ex:Re is the brainchild of Daughter’s Elena Tonra; the solo project sees Tonra pivot her pop sensibilities into a melancholic soundscape driven by narrative-led songwriting. The debut single ‘Romance’ set the blogosphere alight; it is expansive, stripped back and raw - allowing more than enough space in the production for her vocal to stretch out melodically. Five days after the release of ‘Romance’ Tonra dropped Ex:Re’s self-titled album, a collection of ten dazzling post-breakup tracks. She noted that “This album was made out of devastation”, with poignant messages filled the cracks of each track; her ability to carve beauty from introspection is, as ever, on display - with CLASH noting “it must be applauded for its brutal honesty and moments of pure poetry”. So, get the kettle on, start spinning Ex:Re’s debut album and have a good old winter cry.

Ex:Re - Romance

Pip Millett

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Just over a year ago HighClouds discovered Pip Millett, an emerging London-based R&B songwriter. Her debut single ‘Make Me Cry’ received a flurry of positive blog support from the likes of The Most Radicalist and Pigeons & Planes. It announced Millett to the world, an undeniably charismatic blend of restrained production and well crafted melodies. A single guitar and sporadic claps lay a rhythmic foundation, allowing Millett’s vocal to climb atop heartfelt songwriting. The track is currently approaching a million plays, and was followed by a number of equally beguiling singles. Her new release ‘Drunk & Alone / On Your Mind’ was premiered by Complex; with James Keith writing, “[Drunk & Alone] channels the pain of longing to hear that special someone's voice and having to make the most of fleeting interactions into something that's dark, wistful and passionate in equal measures.” It is emotionally rich, beautifully produced and this is only the beginning for Pip Millett.

Drunk & Alone / On Your Mind by Pip Millett

Colin Mags

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Another winning pick this month from perennial tastemaker HighClouds; this time in the form of emerging L.A. pop sensation Colin Mags. His debut single ‘Blossom’ began the West Coast talent’s upwards trajectory, landing Mags a host of press support. In a seasonally appropriate manner, HighClouds described it as follows, “The funky and timeless single, which was inspired by Colin‘s first impressions of East LA nightlife, offers us some irresistible hooks and will load up your dopamine levels enough to survive through this polar end of winter.” Mags’ most recent offering is the ‘Scrimmage EP’, comprising of six alt-pop bangers. ‘Melo’ is a stand-out track, an ode to a cozy night in backed by an effervescent combination of warm analogue instrumentation and a brash beat.

The Trp

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Yet another winning pick by HighClouds. The Trp were discovered over three years ago on the back of an extremely promising demo ‘Never Learn’, which has since been taken down. What followed was a number of lo-fi alt-r&b masterpieces. Their first official release ‘Lavender’ earned The Trp a reputation as one of the most exciting projects on the scene; with swirling guitar riffs, staggered synths and stuttered beats combining to form an indubitably infectious sound. A flurry of expressive singles followed including stand-out tracks ‘Better’ and ‘Hitachi’. 2018 saw The Trp release their debut EP ‘Soak’. As Jordan Darville wrote for The Fader, “The Trp's 11-track ‘EP’ is as inviting as a warm tidal pool, dotted with eccentricities and mystical moments. Two years in the making and compiled from over 100 songs, soak absorbs some of the background radiation emitted from Frank Ocean's dual supernovas Blonde and Endless into its own celestial and psychedelic body.” This creative energy is ever-present in The Trp’s sumptuous singles, and their most recent offering ‘Clean’ is no different.


Bad Child

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Three years ago Hillydilly discovered bad child, nine days ago his official debut single was released. The self-titled track was a long awaited present for his committed fanbase, who have streamed the glitchy alt-pop piece over 75,000 times in two weeks. The production is energetic, with sizzling synths dancing in and out of Bad Child’s boisterously blistering vocal hook. The melodies are brash and catchy, resulting in an anthemic chorus. Bad Child shows off another side of his creative self in a captivating live version that was released on YouTube. It confirms that his impressive vocal abilities translate live, with the entire crowd at The Hideout visibly beguiled by Bad Child’s enigmatic stage presence. There is no doubt in my mind that 2019 will be his breakout year.

BAD CHILD - BAD CHILD (Live From The Hideout)

This article is written by Lex Low and was published 2 years ago.

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