Most Promising Artists of October

Our monthly overview

Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a handful, are labelled as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below, are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

Familiarise yourself with these rising musicians and be sure to listen to the full playlist, showcasing all of October’s excellent finds.

Welcome to October’s very own most promising; Kailee Morgue took the top spot, turning a viral moment into a bonafide streaming sensation. London’s ZAE wasn’t Letting Go and pushes through a whole year after her discovery. Nathan Ball drifts in at number 3 with his expansive indie-pop. Anna Dellaria’s new single ‘Bolder’ marked a step forward sonically, whilst Cautious Clay took us to Joshua Tree. - LL

Kailee Morgue

24 agrees

Phoenix-based songwriter Kailee Morgue tops this month’s list with the appropriately spookily titled ‘Medusa’. As far as debut singles go, it couldn’t have played out much better. Niels Bruwier made the discovery earlier this year and since then Morgue has gone on to dominate the hype machine chart, land herself a whole host of coveted Spotify playlist spots and rack up a total of half a million streams.

Percussive synths and sampled claps carry Kailee’s serene vocal, building to a subdued hook that will stick in your serpent-adorned skull. It’s the kind of restrained, mature production that feels right at home in Spotify’s heavily curated playlists - a crowd pleasing parcel of pop. - LL

Medusa by Kailee Morgue


20 agrees

Racking up an impressive 20 agrees, Londoner ZAE impressed our users last year with her refreshing debut single ‘Like Honey’. Since then, she has gone on to release ‘Letting Go’ and, most recently, ‘Faking Love’. Discovered by yours truly, ZAE stood out through her mastery of dynamic synth work and an impressive ability to craft polished melodies.

On ZAE’s most recent record, Matt Bisgrove at The Line of Best Fit noted: “ZAE releases the chorus as if it were a yo-yo she were taunting you with; the electronic sounds distend and engorge backed with a choir of littered trip-hop and steel pan beats that ricochet and recoil at will. With beats aimed at your limbs and lyrics aimed at your heart ZAE certainly gives Lapsley and Jamie XX a run for their respective monies.” - LL

Faking Love by ZAE

Nathan Ball

19 agrees

Three years ago, Lise brought the brisk, earthy tones of Nathan Ball’s music into the HumanHuman spotlight. Having garnered 19 agrees since the posting of his first SoFar Sounds session for the song “Gunner”, the one constant factor in Nathan’s music over the past thirty-six months seems to be the sense of genuine truth that accompanies a certain caliber of singer-songwriter.

His latest track, “Drifting”, ventures out into the depths of woozy, intoxicated, open-ended emotion – sparking a dim flame of melancholy, while leaving enough empty space to challenge whoever’s listening to contribute some kindling of their own. Thoroughly grounded, quietly creative, and consistently impactful, Nathan Ball is an artist who has a grasp not only on a palette of sonic styles ranging from folk to indie-rock to ambient, but on the elusive nature of what makes a track feel like a true song. - JV

Drifting by Nathan Ball

Anna Dellaria

19 agrees

Anna Dellaria packs a punch, her vocal is that rare combination of powerful and controlled. It is put to full use on her latest record ‘Bolder’, with the Los Angeles-based songstress unleashing her talents upon a synth-laden alt-soul beat. I discovered her on the site over a year ago when she released her infectious debut pop piece ‘Sudden’. That single introduced her to the blogosphere and paved the way for a signature sound with boundless potential.

With a major network TV sync to her name, Dellaria is flexing her vocal chords. As Wolf In A Suit writes, “This talented artist continues to embrace her calling as she moves forward maturing and evolving as a person, woman, artist and star in the making.” We look forward to hearing more from the talented Berklee graduate, whose aptitude for emotionally charged songwriting is turning heads. - LL

Cautious Clay

18 agrees

Cautious Clay is the second of this month’s top five that was brought to our attention by perennial tastemaker Niels Bruwier. With only two original singles to his name, Cautious Clay is teasing us fans - his debut single ‘Cold War’ had Pigeons and Planes excited, with the new music blog proclaiming: “It's apparent Cautious Clay already has a clear vision and knows exactly what lane he wants to create for himself.”

The New York-based producer is finding his feet and establishing an expansive, artful brand of alt-pop that sits somewhere between Frank Ocean and Bon Iver. Stacked, processed vocals are layered on top of lounge-like brass, reverb heavy drum samples and fizzy hi-hat trills. It’s the kind of genre-defying pop that propels emerging artists to dizzying heights - heights that we are sure Clay will reach in the near future.

Joshua Tree by Cautious Clay

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