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Every month at HumanHuman tons of discoveries are added, but only a handful, are labelled as promising. These artists are agreed upon by our users as ones to watch and are well on their way to becoming the next big thing in music. What you see below, are the top five promising artists, as decided by the HumanHuman community.

This past month we’ve had an incredibly diverse range of Promising Discoveries that our community are convinced will be popular one day, and we can take the five Most Promising Artists of September as a sample of this musical variation. From the glitchy, alternative, pop and hip-hop laced sounds of Mallrat, to the feelgood 80s vibes of London band PREP, to Chet Faker’s next phase of expansive electronics as Nick Murphy, to Princess Nokia’s powerful rap and 90s hip-hop beats, to the chart-topping pop of Nashville’s Cappa.


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Mallrat is the project of a seventeen-year-old rapper who describes herself as the “Hannah Montana of the rap game”, and once you listen to a couple of her tracks, you'll understand exactly where this comparison came from. Her debut single “Suicide Blonde” was released just before HillyDilly discovered her on HumanHuman one year and two months ago, posting a link to an article describing the single as “an infectious pairing of electronic-led elements, a catchy chorus, and, last but not least, the lead rapping that's instantly recognizable as something that's not only trendy, but has a kind of instant crossover appeal.”. Since then, Mallrat’s alternative draw has continued to grow from strength to strength as she combines those unique traits heard in the incredible debut EP, Uninvited, which was released in August this year. Having signed such an exciting deal with booking agents New World Artists in May, Mallrat’s ascent as the freshest indie hip-hop export from Australia is only going to keep rising. Still a teenager, Mallrat’s music brings with it an element of playfulness through sugary soundscapes whilst encompassing a certain maturity and depth in the storytelling, like in latest single “Tokyo Drift”. All of these reasons and more are precisely what makes her worthy of being the most Promising Artist of September. - DS

Tokyo Drift by mallrat


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London outfit PREP, who were discovered by HillyDilly a year ago, had the HumanHuman community in a shambles (just look at the first few comments!) when they shared their ultra smooth debut single “Cheapest Flight” last August. That first track easily sweeps the listener off their feet as soon as those warbling basslines and groovy guitars take hold. It’s all then topped off by the breeziest of vocal deliveries to create an entirely comforting and relaxing atmosphere. Later came an equally lavish affair in their sophomore effort “Sunburnt Through the Glass”, which wonderfully rounded off 2015 with a taster of what’s to come in the new year. Alas, the four-piece were not to resurface until September, with third single “Who’s Got You Singing Again”. Serving as the lead track from their upcoming debut EP, the song captures a nostalgic ‘80s vibe with its colourful instrumentation, including an exquisite woodwind solo, and ever so soulful vocals. Their ability to retain the music world’s interest despite the long hiatus is testament to just how good this band are. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait another ten months for new music as their Futures EP is out October 14th via B3SCI Records. - DS

Who's Got You Singing Again by PREP

Nick Murphy

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On September 8th, Australian musician Chet Faker took to Facebook to mark his evolution as an artist whereby he announced that his “next record will be under my own name, Nick Murphy”. Moments later, Niels Bruwier added the discovery to HumanHuman and after an agonizing four days of waiting, Nick Murphy launched the next phase of his musical front with a specially made website to host new single “Fear Less”. Of course, this was swiftly recognised as a Promising Discovery. For half a decade, one of Melbourne's best exports has been releasing music as Chet Faker, but now Murphy moves into new territory with an atmospheric, shadow-filled production with “Fear Less”. Throughout the expansive track, Murphy mixes past and present influences, pairing his famed electronic tendencies and emotive, soul-filled vocals with a Radiohead-esque amalgam of dark and moody sounds. It’s clear that this artist doesn’t shun his past work, but is evolving a much-loved sound and creating something truly engaging for his fans, both old and new. If this truly is the “the next” step for Nick Murphy’s music, we simply cannot wait to hear more. - DS

Princess Nokia

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Princess Nokia’s breakthrough album 1992 pays homage to the New York that this rapper was born in to where creativity flourished and hip-hop ruled the streets of her Harlem home. When discoverer Going Solo found this young talent two years ago with “Dragons”, her music was steeped in video game electronica, drum and bass beats and a lackadaisical vocal that now seems a far departure from the hard-hitting verses that the now 24-year-old Destiny Frasqueri confidently delivers. One consistent theme would be Frasqueri’s love of all things ‘90s - whether that’s anime, arcade games, fashion, comic books or of course music. These obsessions run as a strong current throughout all of her tracks, bursting out in a fountain of golden era hip-hop and nostalgic childhood memories in 1992. The whole album is firmly set in old school hip-hop, with righteous samples, lots of trap and some jazz influences, particularly. While she hops from one branch of hip-hop to the next, that isn’t enough for Princess Nokia who explores a range of topics in her relentless style. In “Bart Simpson” she recalls a rebellious childhood and the artists who first influences her like hip-hop figureheads Wu-Tang Clan and R&B legend Aaliyah. Turning to the modern issue of gender equality in “Kitana”, Frasqueri’s frustrations and strength are palpable. She furthers the appreciation of sisterhood in “Brujas” with a focus on her Puerto Rican heritage, but also praises the Bronx-based group of female skaters who are themselves called Brujas. There’s no doubt that the limits to what this rising New York talent can achieve simply do not exist. - HT


20 agrees

The singles game is an aspect of the music industry that continues to fascinate us as those who master the art of the hit single excel. One emerging artist who has all the hallmarks of a hit-maker is Cappa. This Nashville native was discovered by Wonky Sensitive two years ago and over that time tracks like “Next Ex”, “I’m Good” and “Other Girls” have collectively racked up hundreds of thousands of plays. It’s impossible to resist the sweetly seductive sound of Cappa’s fast-paced pop. You can enjoy a generous dose of her insatiable chart-toppers in new EP, ‘Queen of Hearts’, which proves that this Promising Artist can present records that possess just as much appeal as the stand-alone singles. Speaking with Billboard, the singer whose real name is Carla Cappa explains that the EP signifies control over her own life and career - “The music industry can really run you into the ground, and I decided a long time ago that I’m doing this for me and no one else first and foremost.” You might as well go ahead and add a few of these tracks to your playlists, as before long you’ll be hearing Cappa everywhere. - HT

Next Ex by CAPPA

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