Ones to Watch: Hip-hop

Recommendations from five hip-hop experts

Hip-hop is arguably one of the most exciting, diverse and forward-thinking genres across the spectrum of modern music, and HumanHuman is no exception to that rule with emerging hip-hop and rap artists been some of the most frequent new discoveries. Due to the immense amount of hip-hop talent out there, we called on the experts in this genre to offer up their must-listen recommendations.

Below you’ll find out who you should be keeping an eye on in hip-hop thanks to contributions from HumanHuman users Zachary Hirschberg, DNLBR, Adriaan, Purple Melon Music and Kwame's Picks.

Kwame's Picks

Recommends Abhi The Nomad, Jarreau Vandal, Joel Baker, Illmind and Connor Evans

Who's the favourite?

Abhi The Nomad reminds me why hip hop captured my heart in the first place. Before the major label takeover and all the cookie-cutter club singles, there were talents like Abhi breaking new ground unafraid to explore their artistic possibilities. That being said, his songs are surprisingly radio friendly.

Purple Melon Music

Recommends Fly Anakin, Nitty Scott, FS&HG, Moh Flow, Ty Senoj and STASH MARINA

Who's the favourite?

Fly Anakin embodies the movement towards smarter, more socially conscious rap. I'm not the biggest fan of money, drugs and bitches stuff - so this is right up my street. You can listen, almost without pause, to his mixtape stream on Soundcloud and you're at the end before you know it. Mesmeric.

Zachary Hirschberg

Recommends Dae Dae, TK N CASH, Tate Kobang, Rich The Kid and 1st

Who's the favourite?

1st of FKi is one of the most talented producers in the game. He is finally to flex as a solo artist. 1st produced everything Post Malone, several Travis Scott records, several 2 Chainz records, including the fan favorite smash Watch Out, many Lil Uzi gems, and a plethora of other household names. In addition to his production work, he is putting out a project with Mad Decent. The first single on it is crazy. Super excited to hear the rest.


Recommends Yung Internet, Sub Luna City, Wulfy Benzo and Up High Collective

Who's the favourite?

Belgian hip hop is mostly about youngsters rapping in their local dialect, but in the underground, someone is catching the attention. Wulfy Benzo takes on a spoiled rich kid alter ego, and his music could be described as avant-garde hip hop. When he’s not rapping over his own productions, he can be heard for instance taming a Lotic beat.


Recommends Kamaiyah, Fekky, Desiigner, Night Lovell and Gaika

Who's the favourite?

Night Lovell took a two year break which resulted in hoarser raps and darker beats with more impact, like in recent release “Louis V”. He's promising a new album sometime soon, so expect Night Lovell to blow up anytime.

This article is written by Hannah Thacker and was published 4 years ago.

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