Sodwee thinks ATTARI is promising.

Sodwee wrote 22 days ago

A staple Brussels / Belgium DJ producer on the scene for the last 15 years.
He has produced and mixed many tracks on labels such as Eskimo Recordings, mule musiq, Discotexas, Gomma, Stones Trow Rec... He is behind the legendary clubs Dirty Dancing and Libertine Supersport in Brussels, and he more recently opened the private club "Le Jalousy" with his associate and actor Jeremie Renier. He also works closely with the green festival "Paradise City" as a booker, stage host and resident dj. Early 2020, he started his own label "Monkey Parade Records", with some of the tracks getting to the top 5 Beatport (Indie Dance and Melodic Techno). September 2020, his next E.P. will be released on Agoria's label: Sapiens Recordings

Attari - Serpentar [Sapiens] [MI4L.com] by Music is 4 Lovers

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