NuMuusik and 21 other users successfully predicted 8 years ago that Ajimal would become popular.

NuMuusik wrote 8 years ago

Ajimal is a shape-shifting musical endeavour, fronted by Fran O’Hanlon, involving different musicians and performers, depending on the desired effect.

A J I M A L | I've Known Your Heart | the Blank Sessions

Ajimal - Footnote to Love [Part One] Official Video

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

Secret Gig in Paris tonight !

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

Saw him at the secret gig and he was amazing and ever sooo relaxed for his first european date ! Apparently he'll be in Melbourne sometime soon... as heard......

musicthatwelike wrote 7 years ago

This Human Joy is lovely.

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