Alabama Shakes

Senne successfully predicted 10 years ago that Alabama Shakes would become popular.

Senne wrote 10 years ago

Discovered Alabama Shakes through Paste's website which awarded them with "2011 new band of the year". But they're undoubtedly also the revelation of 2012 for lots of people.

Senne wrote 10 years ago

I Found You is no doubt my favorite song. Check out this video of the band performing the song live at Pegasus Records:

Alabama Shakes - "I Found You" - Live from the Shoals 8-21-2011

Sanne wrote 10 years ago

Good songs!

Senne wrote 9 years ago

Feel the power!

Alabama Shakes - You Ain't Alone

Sam Deltour wrote 9 years ago

damn! only discovered this one today, and it's already on here for 40 days!

Senne wrote 9 years ago


Braden Fletcher wrote 9 years ago

Debut album is on track to chart in the top 5 this week. This band are about to rocket for you!

Senne wrote 9 years ago

5197 new listeners in one stats update. This is probably the highest number of new listeners a band has ever seen on HumanHuman. Insane!

Senne wrote 9 years ago

As if 5197 wasn't enough... 5221 new listeners this time!

Bert Bossaert wrote 9 years ago

Azealia is getting nervous :)

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