Pieter G. Devriese and 9 other users successfully predicted 9 years ago that Algiers would become popular.

Pieter G. Devriese wrote 9 years ago

Algiers - Not so much a country but a place. Algiers are two, spawned from two groups of more, born in Sheffield with roots which extend to Manchester and Middlesbrough.

Senne wrote 6 years ago

Discovered 3.3 years ago, impressive! Last chance to agree… Debut album has been released, so they're approaching 10k really fast now.

Irony. Utility. Pretext.

Algiers - "Irony. Utility. Pretext."

Black Eunuch

Algiers - "Black Eunuch" (Official Video)

Hairy Mouth wrote 6 years ago

I think the Algiers described refers to these boys, hence the discovery being so long ago:

To the Drunken Sailor Swaying

Can't make my mind up on the 'new' Algiers. Might need to grab the record and give 'em a chance.

Senne wrote 6 years ago

Oh, I see… I was already wondering what sort of inside connections Pieter had, haha.

I still have to give the album a listen in its entirety, but the couple of tracks I've heard so far blew me away.

MusicalHeARTBeat wrote 4 years ago

Algiers - "Cleveland" (Official Video)

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