Disco Naïveté and 14 other users successfully predicted 5 years ago that Aosoon would become popular.

Aosoon stands for AlotOfSomethingOutOfNothing and is a new London duo comprised of Marisa Hylton and Manny Folorunso, who literally just wow’d us with their outstanding debut single Skinny Strong. It starts off quite gently with some simple guitar strokes, luring you into the whole folk-thing, but then electronics drip in and you feel like you’re floating. Reminding us of that other new London duo Post Louis, Aosoon keep up with this post-folk (jeez) trend. The acoustic version breaks our heart, with hints of Angel Olsen and Marissa Nadler glaring through. More music is on the way, as the duo are set to release an EP What Is This About this summer.


assuming this will rise very quickly, what a great EP

Waw weird I didn't see this earlier. Will be big, jup!

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