Deep Shah and 38 other users successfully predicted 4 years ago that BONZAI would become popular.

Deep Shah wrote 4 years ago

debut single from Mura Masa's label -


Deep Shah wrote 3 years ago

Mura Masa - What if I go? (feat. Bonzai) -

What if I go? by Mura Masa

H.E.T wrote 3 years ago

Just came on here to share the EP (which I'm loving so far btw), but Sodwee was wayyy ahead of me haha

Deep Shah wrote 3 years ago

can't stop listening to Kassi. whole EP is bonkers

Sodwee wrote 3 years ago

Faze is off the hook !

Jolyon Checketts wrote 3 years ago

This EP is bat shit crazy. Absolutely loving.

Sodwee wrote 3 years ago

Live at #P4K paris this year !

Going Solo wrote 3 years ago

I just clicked on "undo agree" and then agreed AGAIN!

Senne wrote 3 years ago

@GoingSolo: risky! What if she just passed 10k listeners in that one second? :)

Deep Shah wrote 3 years ago

Lunacy EP out now, here's the music video for "I Did"

Bonzai - I Did (Official Video)

HighClouds wrote 2 years ago

Bonzai - I Feel Alright (Audio)

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