i k e n / d u s t and 35 other users successfully predicted 4 years ago that Bazart would become popular.

i k e n / d u s t wrote 4 years ago

Bazart is allesbehalve een doorsnee Nederlandstalige band. Deze 5-koppige bezetting, met roots in Gent en Antwerpen, wordt gekenmerkt door hun sterke samenzang, complexe melodieën en elektronische nuance. Bazart brengt donkere indiepop in de moedertaal waarbij de muzikale invloeden variëren van The National tot Yeasayer maar evengoed van Spinvis tot Gorky.

Denk Engelstalige muziek maar dan in het Nederlands.

(from facebook.com/bazartband)

i k e n / d u s t wrote 4 years ago

Bazart - Tunnels (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

First official single.

i k e n / d u s t wrote 4 years ago

Bazart - Goud (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

New single/Nieuwe single

Senne wrote 3 years ago

For the 20% Belgians on HumanHuman, this might be a quite surprising “promising” discovery. ;-) For the rest of the world, enjoy some of the best Flemish pop music you'll find at the moment, sung to you in Dutch!

rob_med wrote 3 years ago

Seen them at Rock Werchter, definitely enjoyable even without understanding a single word!

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