Beatrice Eli

lovepie and 3 other users successfully predicted 7 years ago that Beatrice Eli would become popular.

lovepie wrote 7 years ago

Described as a ‘Popstrel’ in the PR blurb that landed in my inbox, which instantly made me think of something you’d find at KFC (hmmmm KFC). But alas Beatrice Eli is as far from a deep fried battered chicken brain than The Colonel is from Raymond Blanc. Toting a look thats a cross between Lykke Li, and Grimes and a vocal that has a touch of (dare I say it) the Winehouse about it with the dark brooding underbelly of iamamiwhoami. Beatrice Eli is another in a number of female vocalists to spring out of Scandinavia in the last few years. Shes currently gearing up for the release of her debut EP ‘It’s Over’ which is released on March 24th.

Beatrice Eli - It's Over

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