Benjamin Clementine

Camels & Lions and 13 other users successfully predicted 7 years ago that Benjamin Clementine would become popular.

Camels & Lions wrote 7 years ago

Cornerstone by Benjamin Clementine

Sodwee wrote 7 years ago

THIS IS FANTASTIC, and the story behind too...

This guy got spotted on line 2 of the Parisian metro and used to sing @ Place de Clichy exit in order to pay for his hotel room... THE NEW KEZIAH JONES !!! He's signed now. Good for him !

Camels & Lions wrote 7 years ago

He was THE SURPRISE ACT at Reeperbahn festival, I missed him but I've heard it was a fantastic concert...

Sodwee wrote 7 years ago

it's fun/actually sad, to know hundreds, probably thousands of attentive ears already heard his voice. People would actually stop and extend their tube journey or listen for a couple songs when he was stationed at the exit...

Blubb Blubb wrote 7 years ago

On my 2014 shortlist (he should have made BBC SO2014 too) I believe he'll be a huge success before long, looks the type for a Mercury shout.

Camels & Lions wrote 7 years ago

uuhh 98% featured

Camels & Lions wrote 6 years ago


Benjamin Clementine - Nemesis

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