Blaue Blume

Camels & Lions and 20 other users successfully predicted 8 years ago that Blaue Blume would become popular.

Senne wrote 8 years ago

Agreed by 5 of the best discoverers on HumanHuman. Enough to get featured! Great band.

Gabriela Garcia wrote 8 years ago

In a way, his voice reminds me of Nikolaj of When Saints Go Machine.. well, also from Denmark :)

Camels & Lions wrote 8 years ago

true, he has a really wide range. i'm looking forward to what comes next...

musicthatwelike wrote 8 years ago

Also hearing the Nikolaj similarities, which is great.

Camels & Lions wrote 7 years ago

new song "Helen":

Helen by Blaueblumedk

Camels & Lions wrote 7 years ago

new song tomorrow, and it's so gooooood

Senne wrote 7 years ago

Yep, here it is!

Lost Sons Of Boys

Lost Sons Of Boys by Blaueblumedk

Jimmy Goolaerts wrote 6 years ago

Playing at Nordic Delight Festival, Utrecht (NL) on 04 October and announced as one of the first names of Glimps Ghent (BE) 11-12-13 December.

Camels & Lions wrote 6 years ago

Live they are a blast

Jimmy Goolaerts wrote 6 years ago

Have seen them yesterday at Nordic Delight and yes, Camels & Lions, they are great!

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