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Caught a Ghost

Sodwee and 4 other users successfully predicted 5 years ago that Caught a Ghost would become popular.

Caught A Ghost is a project from Los Angeles songwriter and producer Jesse Nolan.


Featuring kindergarten classmate Sephen Edelstein on drums and vocals from Chanteuse Mvox (marushka mujic).

A modern take on blue eyed soul, the tracks feature elements of classic motown and stax volt compositions with influences from dubstep, 90s rap, and contemporary electronica.

NO SUGAR IN MY COFFEE - Caught a Ghost

Caught a Ghost - No Sugar In My Coffee

We're getting traction on this band ! AGREE now before it's too late...

It's about time ... I remember blogging about these guys in 2011 !!!

Doubled their audience in less than 5 months.... Boardwalk Empire ?? hummmm

Nothing playing