Charlotte Fever

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Sodwee wrote 5 months ago

French, Parisian synth pop duo Charlotte Fever formed by Cassandra and Alex at the end of summer of 2017. In 2018, the pair released a surprisingly good 5-track EP that oozes heat, well penned French lyrics and danceable numbers.

Candid and Spontaneous at first listen, the EP's atmosphere slides into more melancholic attributes while retaining its delicate sensuality.

Charlotte Fever, have already opened for successful bands and collaborated with L'Impératrice here in France. They've also signed with Baguette Publishing (you do not get more Parisian/French than that if you ask me)

Sodwee wrote 5 months ago

This is sooo good by the way, thanks for the discovery Mel ! Recalls some Gainsbourg, Pépite and other feelgood sounds from my good ol' country. In striking contrast to what you can witness currently on the news.

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