Chester Watson

Bert Bossaert and 13 other users successfully predicted 7 years ago that Chester Watson would become popular.

Bert Bossaert wrote 7 years ago

I diggediedig this shit.

Check his youtube channel:

Chester Watson - "Phantom" [Prod. Sammsonite and Stricknine] | (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Chester Watson - "Panthera Tigris" [Prod. Caleb Crowe]

Bert Bossaert wrote 7 years ago

Brilliant mixtape! Only 15 years old btw, this kid. I think my voice sounded a little higher at that age.

Mathieu Schrurs wrote 7 years ago

Mine too :). The future holds great things for this kid indeed, at the age of 15 everything is possible...

Bert Bossaert wrote 7 years ago

New Chester video for "Comme De Kid"! Apparently dis kid has a new mixtape (THEORY) coming up, which is nice.


Sodwee wrote 7 years ago

I totally and wholeheartedly agreediggadie with you. 3% till it gets the coveted feature by HH !

Bert Bossaert wrote 7 years ago

Hear hear! :)

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

Euro tour coming up boys & girls... Paris included : 26 th September at Macki Music Fest.

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