Cristobal and the Sea

Part Time Wizards and 15 other users think Cristobal and the Sea is promising.

Senne wrote 4 years ago

Lots of Devendra Banhart / Rodrigo Amarante / Little Joy references and influences. Not at all authentic, but worth the listen.

Cristobal And The Sea

(what's with the nude women?)

haha. Not too sure. they are old friends of mine, so I'm quite chuffed to see them finally making waves.

More boobs in their new visuals also.

Cristobal and the Sea - My Love (Ay Ay Ay)

Senne wrote 3 years ago

So apparently the boobs payed off… They signed to City Slang.

Fish Eye

Cristobal and the Sea - Fish Eye by City Slang

Sunset Of Our Troubles

Cristobal And The Sea - Sunset Of Our Troubles by City Slang

Yeah they've been with City Slang for a quick minute now. Just got a watermarked copy of their debut record "Sugar Now", out next month.
Big things coming for this lot. Believe that :)

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