Cruel Youth

Hillydilly.com and 24 other users successfully predicted 4 years ago that Cruel Youth would become popular.

dearskye wrote 3 years ago

First track is insanely good.

Sodwee wrote 3 years ago

Some Duffy, some Amy Winehouse, some Janis Joplin. This is a great debut !

Sodwee wrote 3 years ago

That verse tho :

Fuck all your friends
Tell me “Go get a job”
Bloody noses, talking so fast like an 8-ball ain’t so wrong
All these problems ain’t real, ’til I’m screwed up or I’m bored
Check the powder, kitchen counter
Can’t tell me this ain’t real fun

Matthew Kent wrote 3 years ago

EP in the works, new track - available to buy/stream unlike the first

Cruel Youth - Diamond Days (Official Audio)

Sodwee wrote 3 years ago

The video for Mr. Watson :

Cruel Youth - Mr. Watson [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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