Sodwee and one other user think Destroyvska is promising.


They've known each other for a long time. Both Guitar players back in their early years, Destroyvska went to lessons at the same music school.

After several iterations in different bands, the pair decided to blend their skill set and converge their ideas into some new music together. The bands musical get together became more regular, and Destroyvska was born.

Influences range from a wide array of places but are mostly drawn from the rock'n'roll and blues scene. The sound they deliver is inspired by artists such as The White Stripes, Radio Moscow, The Black Keys, Deap Vally, The Black Diamond Heavies and so on..

Our fave track here is "I'm Alone" and the cover of Mokka "You Will Spot Me".

#FFO : The Black Keys, The White Stripes and The Black Diamond Heavies. It's heavy on guitar and the simple approach make it a very raw sound with no-bullshit attached.

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