Dua Lipa

Alexander Spriet and 37 other users successfully predicted 5 years ago that Dua Lipa would become popular.

Alexander Spriet wrote 5 years ago

Debut song 'New Love' produced by Emile Haynie (who worked with Lana Del Rey and FKA Twigs) and Andrew Wyatt:

Dua Lipa - New Love

Ground Decibels wrote 5 years ago


Disco Naïveté wrote 5 years ago

this is interesting but Lana Del Rey does the exact same thing far better.

Harry Griffiths wrote 5 years ago

Can't really hear any Lana Del Rey in this at all. Very different voice, very different sound. If anything it's like a more youthful Jessie Ware.

Senne wrote 5 years ago

She's got almost 100k YouTube plays in less than 3 days.

Disco Naïveté wrote 5 years ago

my LDR-comparison was too quick. the video is VERY LDR, the song isn't at all. I do feel like she's holding back vocally, am excited to hear what's next.

Alexander Spriet wrote 5 years ago

Be The One:

Dua Lipa - Be The One (Official Music Video)

kwame's picks wrote 4 years ago

I just can't guys it's too manufactured

On Rotation wrote 2 months ago

after five years...2020 Dua is Top.

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