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Sodwee wrote 3 months ago

South East London rapper, singer, producer and creative polymath Elheist shares her new single ‘Done Talking’, available to buy and stream on all available platforms. The track is taken from her forthcoming mixtape ‘Wholesome Goody’ out later this year.

"This song is inspired by working hard and going for what you love,” she explains. “It expresses screaming about your gifts and talents whilst promoting self love and doing your thing despite the hardships that you may face internally, physically, verbally and externally.” With purity and positivity at the forefront of all of her outputs, her mission is always one of empowerment. “It's an anthem for everyone, but one for those growing up in fast-paced inner cities like London can relate to."


A child of Nigeria, born and raised in Deptford, she picked up her love for writing aged 13 at music summer schools where she was taught spoken word in classes led by the likes of Kate Tempest, Polarbear and more. Fast-forward 12 years and she’s a recording artist working with some of the most forward-thinking creatives in the Capital. With a monthly radio show on NTS titled ‘Quest No More’, a self-run creative team of the same name, several releases under her belt, gigs with Tirzah, Shygirl and Poppy Ajudha, she is constantly changing the narrative and doing everything in her own unique way.

SelfBlown wrote a month ago

Elheist - DONE TALKING (Official Quarantine Video)

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