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Sodwee wrote 8 years ago


Cruel Charlie (Bedroom Version) by Estère

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

ESTERE (from New-Zealand) Brunches and grooves with you guys this Sunday at La Karambole in Paris !!! First show in EUROPE dudes, dudettes ! GET BUSY, COME SEE !

musicthatwelike wrote 8 years ago

Yay - New Zealand!

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

First European Show in Paris, France was an intimate set during brunch hours at café La Karambole in the classic 18th Arrondissement of Paris. She played all her 'hits' + a french song (her kiwi accent got the better of my understanding here sorry). Estère is as sweet as one kiwi gal could possibly come.

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

Definitely one to watch for. At 21, the girl's got groove. But that you already knew. She comes alive, on a stage. The audience was enthusiastic and seemed to totally enjoy her songs. WE LOVED IT ! Can't wait to see more.

Sodwee wrote 7 years ago

OPENS FOR FLUME in Wellington. GET IN !

Sodwee wrote 7 years ago

New Music : Flash Light ::

Flash Light by Estère

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

Just released some REMIXES... with Jordan Rakei, Greyson Gilmour and more...

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