Evian Christ

Bert Bossaert and 7 other users successfully predicted 8 years ago that Evian Christ would become popular.

Bert Bossaert wrote 8 years ago

Westside! Evian Christ is an anonymous*, yet promising hip hop producer, heavily influenced by ambient. Check out the youtube channel!

* Not so very anonymous anymore after more than a year...

Bert Bossaert wrote 8 years ago

I'm very happy with the "sex disco" tag on this one :)

Senne wrote 8 years ago

Too bad it's gone... Let's mass-tag this band with "sex disco" on Last.fm and hope for the best!

Bert Bossaert wrote 8 years ago

Breaking News! Evian Christ has just released a mixtape through the awesome Tri Angle Records, which you can download right now through the label’s website tri-anglerecords.com

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