Daisy Digital and 26 other users successfully predicted 9 months ago that Ex:Re would become popular.

Daisy Digital wrote 9 months ago

New solo project from Daughter's Elena Tonra. Beautiful.

Yne wrote 9 months ago

Did not see this coming at all. Beautiful stuff (as always)

Miguel Pellitero wrote 9 months ago

Ex:Re - Romance (Official Video)

HighClouds wrote 9 months ago

That was fast ^^

Sodwee wrote 9 months ago

Album out tomorrow digitally and February physically. Great album....

Sodwee wrote 9 months ago

Annnd it's out!

Senne wrote 9 months ago

So just five days after the first track was made public, there's already an album. As a listener, I actually prefer this approach. It's so much better than the usual “here's a new single every x months”, which eventually leads to an album made out of singles you already knew plus a couple of b-graded tracks. Now the album has so much more value on its own. 👌

Sodwee wrote 9 months ago

Yeah I like this approach too.

Miguel Pellitero wrote 9 months ago


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